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Swiss Holiday Park
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The Spa

1 Indoor pool
1 Outdoor pool
2 Children's pools
1 Waterslide
Heated pool

Wellness & Beauty

1 Sauna
1 Steam room
2 Relaxation rooms


3 hours CHF20
All rates & fees

Interesting facts

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  • Swiss Holiday Park is among the 3 best rated Spas in Switzerland.
  • There are parking spaces available in the vicinity.
  • Feel free to find drinks and snacks at the kiosk, in case you get hungry or thirsty.

Description & Details

© Swiss Holiday Park AG

Swiss Holiday Park has much to offer for young and for old. It is the ideal destination for a family daytrip.


The 210m² large indoors as well as the 300m² large outdoors provide a great relaxing atmosphere with massaging nozzles, a waterfall, a whirlpool and a spacious lawn.


For some action the Holiday Park is equipped with a wild water channel, passing adventurous rock formations and a 100m/328ft long slide.


Within the steam bath at Swiss Holiday Park one can enjoy the heat of the steam, which is soothing for skin and airways.

Children's pools

The water park supplies a spacious children's area with two pools, additional slides and water toys.

A water temperature of 32°C/89.6°F makes sure kids enjoy there stay.


And for some food a snack bar named Neptun is provided. In summer you may also have a barbecue at the arranged fireplaces.


Indoor pool: 1
Outdoor pool: 1
Children's pools: 2
Heated pool
Hot tub


© Swiss Holiday Park AG

Sauna is soothing for body and soul. The alternation of heat and cold has a stimulating effect on your metabolism, boosts your immune system, purges your body and helps escaping everyday life and stress.


These are all great reasons to visit the 400m² large sauna area at Swiss Holiday Park. The area offers a 45°C/113°F warm eucalytus steam bath, which helps prevent a cold, a 70°C/158°F warm women's biosauna as well as a 60°C/140°F warm sauna, supplied with relaxing light and color effects.


For those who want to go even hotter Swiss Holiday park offers a infusion sauna (80°C/176°F) and a finnish sauna (90°C/194°F) both also equipped with light and color effects.


After each sauna visitors have various options to cool down. Namely Kneipp water basins, rain showers, refreshing grottos as well as two cold water pools, with integrated waterfalls. This will get your circulation flowing.

And to relax after each sauna you may use one of the provided silence rooms or the outdoor fresh air- room.


Visitors between 7-16 years of age may enter the sauna area until 7pm afterwards only people above the age of 16 are allowed.


Sauna: 1
Steam room: 1
Relaxation rooms: 2
Ladies sauna
Aroma sauna

Wellness & Beauty

© Swiss Holiday Park AG

A special highlight of the Swiss Holiday Park are the roman-irish thermal baths. This area combines the two historically most important countries of european bathing culture.


While the romans enjoyed a soothing sauna in dry warm air, the irish idea was based on stimulating steam baths. Since the 18th century we know that the combination of both has the most soothing effect.


The tour around the roman-irish thermal baths, where you alternate between soft heating and exhilarating cooling, takes about 2h. The effect is optimized by a soap-brush-massage. To get a massage you must schedule an appointment in advance. You may also book other treatments like a Lomi Lomi Nui massage, an aromatic oil massage or an indian head massage.



How to get there

© Swiss Holiday Park AG

By car

Coming from Zurich take A3 to Zurich Brunau. Then drive towards Baar on A4. Afterwards towards Gotthard, Schwyz and Brunnen. Shortly after Brunnen drive north onto E41 and after the tunnel left towards Moscharch. Swiss Holiday Park is located shorty behind the town's entry.

By public transportation

Take the train to Brunnen. There take the bus to Morschach (stop: Mattli/Swiss Holiday Park). Be aware of the combined tickets RailAway an offer of the SBB national train system.


You may also take the ferry to Brunnen and from there the bus to Morscharch.



Swiss Holiday Park
Dorfstraße 10
Phone+41 (0)41 825 50 50
Fax+41 (0)41 825 50 60


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