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Blue Grotto Malta

Blue Grotto Malta
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The Blue Grotto is accessible by boat only.
© image: Mario Galea The Blue Grotto is accessible by boat only.

Discover beautifully clear, blue water inside these caves at Malta's cliff coast - the Blue Grotto certainly lives up to its name. The water gets its blue colour from a certain kind of cyanobacteria. The grotto is located at the main island Malta's south, near Żurrieq. As it is situated right by the steep cliffs, access is only possible on boat and in good weather conditions.

You start your trip at Żurrieq, from where boats leave towards the caves. After going along the coast for a bit, you reach the grotto's entry: a natural rock arch of about 50 metres (164 feet) height. The first cave is the actual Blue Grotto, the largest of a number of different caves. Sailing further into the complex, you will not only see deep blue, but also shimmering green, orange and purple water reflecting the light. Bathing is allowed in certain areas. However, you probably won't be in dire need of a cooling swim: even in summer, the inside of the caves is rather cool. Diving trips are also on offer.

Before or after your boat trip, don't miss out on seeing the observation terrace. A 10-minute walk from Żurrieq takes you to the platform, where a stunning view of the Blue Grotto and its characteristic rock arch awaits you.

Historical Information

It's hard to believe, but the Blue Grotto with its impressive arch and cave system has never been touched by men. Its emergence is solely due to centuries of work of the waves and the elements. The eponymous blue colour comes from a special kind of cyanobacteria. The other water colours also go back to different kinds of rock and underwater flora.

Interesting facts

How to get there

To get to the Blue Grotto, you have to go to Żurrieq first. Renting a car is not necessary. Busses go from Valletta to Żurrieq on a regular basis. Just take the number 74 bus to its final stop. From there, you're only a few steps away from the departure wharf where boats take visitors to the grotto.


Blue Grotto (4K) Malta Drone 2017 | 01:21
Blue Grotto Boat Trip, Malta
A 25 minute boat trip to Blue Grotto in Malta.


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You can find more photos and details of my experience of the Blue Grotto boat ride
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