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What's the best way of getting an overview of a multimillion inhabitant city like Shanghai? From the top of course! Seen from Shanghai Tower 's 561 metres...
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The Great Wall of China stretches through nine different provinces, extending more than 21,000 kilometres from China's northwest to its east coast. The ancient fortification winds...
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Welcome to the Middle Kingdom

With approximately 1.3 billion inhabitants, China is the most heavily populated country in the world. Big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hongkong with their numerous cultural attractions are especially popular with tourists.

But China has a scenic side as well. Bordering Tibet, the country's South is home to impressive mountain ranges. At the same time, the North offers you beautiful white sandy beaches for some seaside relaxing.

North and South also differ regarding their climate: South China is characterised by tropical climate, and Tibetian heights have a mountain climate. North China, however, is marked by hot summers and cold winters.

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