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Weather in the Ukraine

14 °F
23 °F
32 °F
41 °F
50 °F
59 °F
68 °F
77 °F
86 °F
95 °F
104 °F
Central Ukraine
1640 ft: up to 68 °F
3281 ft: up to 73 °F
The north has to expect some scattered showers today at a temperature of 48 °F. The sky is covered by clouds today in the south. The temperature is about 78 °F. Most parts in the east are covered with clouds today, with a high near 64 °F. In the west, scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the noon. The forenoon is mostly cloudy, refreshed with some occasional rain in the night. There is a gentle breeze blowing from the southeast.
65 °F
61 °F
61 °F
57 °F
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Pompous Buildings and Disaster-Hit History

Due to its turbulent history, Ukraine offers numerous highlights. Kiev is the country's capital and cultural centre. Visitors find a number of museums, churches, and monuments, such as the Motherland Monument or Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Another place worth visiting is the city of Lviv in the west of the country. Diverse cultures have been living together here for centuries, which shows in the blend of different architectural styles. Port city Odessa by the Black Sea is particularly pompous.

For a couple of years, the abandoned town of Prypjat has served as a rather extraordinary destination. It is located inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl nuclear power station. This was the site of the worlds most severe nuclear disaster besides Fukushima. Tourists can visit the scene within a guided tour.

    Travel Deals & Tips
    Travel Deals & Tips
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