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12 Oct 2017
10 Reasons to Stay in Denver Before Heading to the Mountains Say “Colorado“ and you probably think of Champagne Powder, the Rocky Mountains, and goggle tan lines. In 2016, more than 58 million passengers flew into Denver International Airport (DIA). The city is known to be the Gateway to skiing in... read more...

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Located in Upper Bavaria in the eponymous city of Burghausen, Burghausen Castle is the world's longest castle complex , featuring a length...
Adult 4,50 €
Sen. 3,50 €
17 °C
At a length of 1km, the Alpspitzbahn in Nesselwang is the longest summer toboggan run in the Allgäu, Bavaria. Featuring 13 bends, 2 jumps, and even a...
Adult 19,50 €
Child 14 €
Sen. 18,50 €
19 °C
The mountain coaster Pradaschier is definitely one of the most entertaining ways to get from Pradaschier down to Churwalden: Sitting in a sled, hurtling...
Adult 16 CHF
Child 8 CHF
Sen. 16 CHF
18 °C
The alpine coaster Klausberg Flitzer is Italy’s longest mountain coaster. Located at the Klausberg summit, it hurtles down for 1.8km, at speeds of up to...
Adult 4,50 €
Sen. 4,60 €
20 °C
At a length of 1,3km, the alpine slide Fräkigaudi at Pilatus in Hergiswil is Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run. Making its way down the valley...
Adult 8 CHF
Child 6 CHF
Sen. 8 CHF
The Lucky Flitzer in Flachau is a toboggan run at a track length of 1.1km, which is open all year round. Plenty of features, such as jumps, bends, and...
Adult 7,50 €
Child 5,50 €
Sen. 7,50 €
21 °C
The Summer Toboggan Run Mieders at Serlesbahnen in Stubai Valley, Tyrol is the world’s steepest alpine coaster, with a monorail type track at a length of...
Adult 9,60 €
Child 6,50 €
Sen. 7,40 €
21 °C
Ready for some tobogganing fun in the Zillertal Valley? At a length of 1,4km, the Arena Coaster, a mountain coaster, fascinates people of all ages with its...
Adult 23,20 €
Child 11,60 €
Sen. 23,20 €
17 °C
Operating all year round, the Alpsee Coaster in Immenstadt is Germany’s longest year-round toboggan run, featuring 68 bends, 23 waves, 7 jumps, and 4...
Adult 6,50 €
Child 5,50 €
Sen. 6,50 €
21 °C
The alpine coaster Osttirodler in Lienz makes for thrilling rides and breathtaking experiences on one of the most spectacular and longest mountain coasters...
Adult 9,50 €
Child 5,20 €
Sen. 9,50 €
21 °C
Located in Washington, DC, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, also called the NASM, is one of the most popular museums in the US welcoming over ten million visitors every...
14 °C


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