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Rates & Hours Särkänniemi


Day tickets

Adult Senior Teenager Child***
1 Day
€37.00 ($42.75)
€31.00 ($35.82)
older than 3 years, smaller than 1.20 m (4 ft)

Notes & discounts

The admission fees stated above are valid for the so-called "Adventure Key”, including access to following features of the park: all attractions, Dolphinarium, Doghill, Angry Birds Land, Aquarium, Planetarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower and Sara Hildén Art Museum.

No fees are charged for children aged 3 years and younger.

Season passes for the 2020 season cost 119€ online and 139€ at the ticket counter. 

Leaving the park on the day of your arrival, you may obtain a ticket for the next day. Adults pay € 15.00 per person and children are charged € 10.00 per person.

Admission fees for each section

If you don't feel like accessing all parts of the park, then you also have the possibility to just pay admission fees for the particular sections of the park you wish to visit. So-called “Fun Tickets” are required for each attraction.

Dolphinarium: € 15.00 (3 Fun Tickets)

Doghill: € 15.00 (3 Fun Tickets)

Planetarium: € 9,90 (2 Fun Tickets)

Aquarium: € 12.90 (2 Fun Tickets)

Näsinneula Observation Tower: € 5.90 (1 Fun Ticket)

Attractions: € 7,90

Sara Hildén Art Museum: € 8.00

No fees are charged here for children aged 3 years and younger.

Autumn Season

Adventure Key: € 23.00

Dolphinarium: € 10.00

Doghill: € 15.00

Planetarium: € 5.00 (a stay of about 25 min.)

Aquarium: € 10.00

Näsinneula Observation Tower: € 5.00

Sara Hildén Art Museum: admission fees vary from the exhibitions

During the autumn season, no parking fees are charged.

Group Tickets

A group of 20 persons paying their admission fees together receive a discount on their entry fee. But these are only valid for “Adventure Keys”. On top, the group's bus driver will be granted free access if he wears a uniform. Prior to visiting the Planetarium and/ or the Dolphinarium booking in advance is required.

Group discount
Parking fee
€10 per day


Mon - Sun


Opening hours vary from day and time of year. It is therefore not possible to state the current opening hours. Please check the park's website for the currently applying opening hours. 


Tampereen Särkänniemi Ltd
Laiturikatu 1
Phone+358 (0)207 130 200
Fax+358 (0)207 130 370
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