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Cueva de las Ventanas Cave Piñar

Cueva de las Ventanas Cave
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Depiction of human history in the Cueva de las Ventanas Depiction of human history in the Cueva de las Ventanas

A natural monument of Andalusia 

The Cueva de las Ventanas Cave is located in the last part of the Sierra Arana on a height of 1000m (1094yd) above sea level. The temperature within the cave is a constant 13°C (55.4°F) and has a relative humidity of 100%. The “cave of windows”, as one may translate the Spanish name, is a natural monument of Andalusia. Much of the space is also wheelchair accessible. If you happen to be in Andalusia, make sure you don't miss out on the Cueva de las Ventanas Cave!

Visiting the sight 

At the entrance of the cave, one sees a 60m (66yd) long hall that forks into two passageways after 40m (44yd). The left path is called “El pasillo”, the corridor, 30m (33yd) long, containing numerous cupolas and curvatures. In prehistoric times, the cave was used as a cemetery. After the corridor one discovers the “Sala de los Desprendimientos”, the hall of crumbling. As the name already indicates, the cave is crawling with fallen debris of the ceiling. Continuing the tour through the cave, one gets to the “Sala de las Piletas”, the hall of sinks, full of stalactites, stalagmites and hills. This part of the cave has a diameter of 30m (33yd) and contains a large 20m (22yd) deep rock gorge. Taking a few steps up, one gets onto a large roof sill called “El Puente”, the bridge, and a corridor named “Sala de las Columnas”, the hall of pillars. Further down, one gets to the “Cuesta de la Lluvía”, the  slope of the rain, which ends at the “Sala de los Priores”, the hall of the priors. The name is derived from the two huge stalagmites in the cave. On the ceiling, a window is placed that allows a view on the “Cerería”, the wax production, and the “Sala Londres”, the hall of London. Finally, after 500m (547yd) one gets back to the entrance of the cave.

The cave contains an abundance of palaeontological or archaeological remains. In the time of the Quaternary, carnivores used the cave and from the Palaeolithic onwards, it was inhabited by humans. One may also find remains from the Neolithic period here.

The opening times: As usual in Spain, the cave is closed during midday. Siesta time! The cave is open daily 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm.

Interesting facts

How to get there

By car

Coming from Granada, take A-44 in the direction of Jaén-Madrid, and exit at Iznalloz. Follow the road for 6.7km (4.2mi) until you see “Piñar” signed out. Change to A-323 which then becomes A-4001, both leading to Piñar.

Coming from Jaén, take A-316, change to E-902/ A-44 onto the sideway in the direction of Granada/ Motril. Continue for 55.2km (34.3mi) and take the exit at Iznalloz. In the roundabout, you take the fifth exit, leading you onto A-308 towards Almería. Carry on for further 1.4km (0.9yd) and then turn left onto A-323. After 4km (2.5mi) turn right onto A-4001 leading towards Piñar.




Oficina de Turismo Cueva de las Ventanas
Plaza Ayuntamiento
+34 958394725
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