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Santa Claus, Finland
© Visit Finland Santa Claus, Finland

If you happen to be high up north in Lapland, Finland during Christmas time, you must visit Santa Park near Rovaniemi, Lapland's capital. You've always wanted to meet the original Santa Claus? Well, then this is your ultimate chance to experience and live your childhood dream. There's a lot to discover at Santa's home as the cave system Santa lives in is an exciting place to discover.

All areas of the park

You get to see a school that resembles nothing of a normal school we all went to. It's an elf school, living up to the motto “everyone needs elf skills”. You will be introduced to the secrets of the elf world. You even have the chance to obtain a certificate at the elf school and try the newly acquired skills back home. On top of all, you may learn how to write in elf language. Just stop by the calligraphy school and here you are in the process of becoming the new elf poet.


Santa Claus' wife, Mrs Claus, has an excellent reputation for baking the best gingerbread far and wide, meticulously sticking to a secret recipe. In addition, the bakery serves wine and other culinary delights.


In the Angry Birds fun area you may let birds fly just as you know it from the popular game.


A highlight in the park is of course Santa Claus' office. In the comfy room you find a man sitting with a white beard and a red suite – a fully-fledged Santa Claus. He might be familiar as he was probably omnipresent during your childhood Christmas time. Approaching him, you will be given a warm welcome. You may give him your wish list or whisper it into his ear.


When here, the ice sculpture collection is something not be missed, either. It's situated in the gallery of the ice princess. Enjoying a cocktail at the ice bar, you may learn a lot about Finland while occupying yourself with the ice sculptures shown here.


The northern polar circle goes right through the mountain. How about you crossing it underground? This is what you can do at the park 50 m (164 ft) under the ground. Upon successful completion of crossing the polar circle, you receive a certificate. How wonderful is that?!


Something that must not be missing either when here is a ride with a sleigh. While sledding, you learn a lot about the Arctic winter, animals home to this region and the country's fairy tales. Towards the end of your tour, you arrive at the elf toy factory. Here you have the possibility to make your own Christmas decoration.


The park even has its own post office, but this one, as you might already have guessed, is quite different from usual ones. Standing here, you may watch a machine sorting all the post and actually send letters and postcards from here, all getting a special stamp. So every recipient knows where the letters and postcards are sent from. Send a special gift to those you love. Friends and family will always remember a present from Santa Claus himself.


Last but not least, paying a visit to the café in the park seems indispensable. Time to indulge yourself! After your visit to the café you might want to spend some time in the souvenir shop and purchase something to always remember this place of magic. 

Historical Information

Santa Claus, reindeer, Finland
@ Visit Finland Santa Claus, reindeer, Finland

13 things you should know about Santa Claus...


First things first: Disclosing Santa's true age will be difficult! The only thing known is that Santa has stopped counting the years after 364 Christmas celebrations. But hey, age isn't that important anyway!


Thinking of Santa, it's undeniable to not think about his white beard. The length of the beard varies, depending on who's measuring it. The most common beard length was set by “Professor Elf” who once used his right foot to measure beards. Following this, the beard is supposed to be 3 feet long. In order to keep the beard smooth and soft the elves have established their own barber. Cultivating a beard is hard work and demands the skills of a dozen elves working together.


How tall is Santa Claus? What do you reckon? Well, his body height depends on his activities. If you see him hiking up a slope, he looks way smaller than seeing him watching the horizon. One thing is for sure, though, Santa Claus is taller than the tallest of all elves and smaller than the oldest and largest pine trees in Lapland.


Santa loves travelling around the globe and of course has many favourite places. Nevertheless, his favourite place in the world remains the Finnish part of Lapland. Home sweet home, that's for sure!


As Mrs Claus loves cooking and masters any meal, she likes to prepare a special Christmas porridge for her beloved Santa Baby. And that is his favourite dish, simple and delicious. The recipe remains a secret, though. The only person it is known to is Mrs Claus herself and she has no intention to reveal her secret so far. What a pity!


Korvantunturi or Ear Mountain is Santa Claus' home. The mountain got its name based on three large “ears” that can be seen on the summit of the mountain. The ears are like satellites taking in all dreams and wishes and it doesn't matter whether they come from children or adults. Any wishes are welcome! Inside the mountain, there is a secret office that deals with all wishes and dreams. The tunnel network within the mountain can only be accessed by Santa, his wife and all elves exclusively.


Mrs Claus lives just as Santa Claus does in Korvatunturi. One of her major duties is to keep the business running inside the mountain when Santa and the elves are busy dealing with Christmas presents.


When you were a child, can you recall asking yourself how many presents Santa Claus manages to deliver within such a short time? The answer has something to do with the various time zones and the velocity of Santa's reindeer. A fact that must not be forgotten, either, is that children all around the globe receive their presents at different times. But the real secret lies in the magic of the Christmas spirit!


Santa's main means of transport are his reindeer pulling his sled which was produced in the same way as were all other sledges in Lapland: by beavers. To be able to carry all presents along with him, Santa requires a somewhat larger sleigh as you can imagine. Santa's sleigh is built the same way as others with the only difference that it's pulled by reindeer. The number of reindeer pulling the sleigh varies from and depends on the amount of presents and their weight.


Finland's north is famous for its Northern Lights. Rumour has it that those lights serve the communication between Santa, Mrs Claus and the inhabitants of Ear Mountain. And legend has it that playing a special flute will call Aurora the fox who is responsible for the creation of Northern Lights.


During summer, Santa Claus takes a break and just enjoys his holidays after all that hard work at Christmas. He likes hiking in the mountains and forests, picking berries or spending time fishing. Another hobby you might be surprised to hear about is that Santa has a thing for gold panning. But his uttermost favourite interest is reading. His heart beats so badly for literature that he sometimes is caught reading up to ten books at the same time.


You are quite mistaken if you now believe that Santa's favourite animals are reindeer. All animals mean something to Santa. He is even able to communicate with them. This is why animals celebrate Christmas too at many places across Finland.


Without a doubt, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer is probably the most known reindeer in the world. He can easily be distinguished from other reindeer by his red nose, but he alone cannot pull Santa's sleigh. That's why the “Rudolf Red Nose Flying School” has been established. This is where reindeer are taught how to fly. They can only do this during Christmas time, otherwise flying seems quite impossible in other seasons as all reindeer usually graze on Lapland's wide fields for the rest of the year. 

How to get there

Rovaniemi is located in Finnish Lapland. Santa Park is about 8 km (5 mi) away.

By Plane

It's recommended to travel here by plane as it's the most comfortable way. Rovaniemi is the largest airport in northern Finland. There are additional flights offered around Christmas, the time of year Santa Park is open.

By Train

Another possibility to get here is by train of course. Most long-distance trains end in Rovaniemi. Starting your journey towards the north in Helsinki, you will need 9 to 12 hours to get here, depending on the route and train connection. It's therefore recommended to take a night train.


Enjoy your trip!


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