Bike Trail From Sibiu to Alba Julia in Transylvania: Position on map

Bike Trail From Sibiu to Alba Julia

From Sibiu to Alba Julia


Min: 715 ft
Max: 7051 ft
Uphill: 12096 ft
Downhill: 12835 ft
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Distance: 89.01 miles
Min: 715 ft
Max: 7051 ft
Uphill: 12096 ft
Downhill: 12835 ft

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Route description

Lake Oasa is one of the most beautiful natural highlights along the way.
Gemeinfrei © Cristi Faur Lake Oasa is one of the most beautiful natural highlights along the way.

From Sibiu to Rășinari

The cycle tour does not start in the immediate city centre, but a short distance outside the Strada Semafonului. From here you first cycle in the direction of DN1 or DN7 and pass these onto Strada Rahovei. You drive over this road further and further out of Sibiu and move on the DJ106A in the direction of Rășinari, where you have to keep right at the next fork in the road to reach the village itself. On this first stage of your tour you will drive a lot around Sibiu, but leave the urban area relatively fast and then continue through the forest, where you will also pass some small lakes at the beginning. Once you arrive at Rășinari, you can also take a short break here after the first few kilometres, because the small Romanian village is very idyllically situated and also offers some other highlights for visitors.

Along the river to Păltinis

After your short stopover you return to the forest via the main road (DJ106A). Here you drive quite a bit along the Steaza until you reach the junction to the next federal road. However, you ignore this and continue straight ahead on the same road and continue your tour through the green countryside until you reach the village of Păltinis . You also have to cover a few metres of altitude to reach this village, so that you can take a break again and again on your tour up to this point. If you have enough after this steep stretch, you can also stay overnight in Păltinis, because the town is known as a winter sports resort and therefore offers some possibilities.

The lake landscape around Tău Bistra

In the following part of the tour you have to accept an even bigger ascent and you move slowly but surely up the slopes of Muncelul and Bătrăna Mare. But soon you'll have the strain behind you and reach the highest point of the tour at 2237 m. From here it goes for you always further along the mountain ridge, whereby you can let it go here now somewhat more comfortably, since the distance runs for the most part again downhill. Keep right and follow the Ciban down into the valley, where you turn left again and follow the small stream until you reach a paved main road again. At the fork to this road you have the possibility to keep left and make a detour to the Oașa lake, which especially in good and clear weather offers a unique view of the surrounding mountain landscape. However, if you want to continue your tour directly, keep right and continue on the DN67C until you reach Tău Bistra. If you divide the cycle path into several stages, an overnight stay is also recommended, as the village is idyllically situated on the lake of the same name and has several hotels.

About Sebeș to the target

You continue along the DN67C and reach the small community of Dobra. Here too you should take a break, because the village, which at first seems so simple, holds some cultural treasures such as churches and other listed buildings. The trail then leads you along the narrow rivers in the direction of Săsciori. The cycle path flattens out more and more and you finally reach the bigger city Sebeș, where you also can't avoid a longer stay. From here you directly head for your destination in Karlsburg, which you can reach centrally via DN1.

Eating options available
Overnight stay available

Where to eat

The 143 km route can easily be divided into several stages , because on the way there are always possibilities to stop for refreshments and, accordingly, to spend the night. There are several hotels in Păltiniș, Tău Bistra and Sebeș as well as a variety of restaurants and cafés, so you'll be well taken care of along the way.

Interesting facts

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  • With an overall length of 89 miles the bike trail is currently the longest bike trail in Romania available on TouriSpo.
  • Elevated between 715 ft and 7051 ft, the bike trail is among the 3 highest elevated bike Trails in Romania. You're facing an uphill climb of 3687 vertical meters on this bike trail. This is quite much. You should be fit to do this track. This makes the Bike Trail the one with the largest ascent in Romania.
  • There are places to buy beverages and food along the track. However it’s always recommended to bring enough water and food along with you.

Highlights of the tour

The landscape around Păltnis
CC by-sa 2.0   © Cristian Bortes The landscape around Păltnis

On this extended tour you will find several highlights for which you should get off your bike and enjoy a longer break. In Rășinari you can not only enjoy the idyll of a small Romanian village, but also admire the remains of the tram Sibiu. Although it is no longer roadworthy, it is currently being refurbished and will soon be licensed for public operation again so that part of the route can also be covered with the historic vehicle. Also a short stay in Păltiniș is always worthwhile, because this is not only known as a health resort with winter sports qualities, but also has some listed buildings such as the so-called "Monaco Hall" or the medical center, which date back to the founding period at the end of the 19th century. If you are still interested in historical buildings, Dobra is also the right place for you. Here you can find ruins of buildings, as in the case of the former mayor's office or some churches, but also small wooden churches and impressive new buildings.

If you are more interested in the natural highlights on this tour, you will also get your money's worth here. In the second part of the tour you will meet several lakes, of which the Oașa lake in particular is very impressive, because together with the mountain landscape and the clear water it gives a unique picture. In addition, you will drive through the most diverse forest areas, so that here you will find the perfect mixture of small and large cities and beautiful natural landscapes. Of course, the beginning and end points are particularly striking in the cities, because both in Sibiu and in Karlsburg you can get to know the Romanian culture anew. Not to be scoffed at is Sebeș, which also has an impressive city church and is also worth a longer stay as a larger city on the route.


View of Dobra
Gemeinfrei © Krokodilu View of Dobra

On the one hand the tour can also be done in the opposed direction without any problems, whereby the ascent of the tour then takes a little longer. In addition, the route is also suitable for a multi-day tour, so that you still have time for the individual highlights and can also make detours to the clear lakes.

Getting here

By car

From Deva

From the DN7 turn right and you will reach the A1, which you follow for the next few kilometres until it automatically takes you to Sibiu.

From Brașov

You drive via the DN1 via Făgăraș and thus reach the crossing with the DN7. Keep right here to stay on DN1 and get directly to Sibiu.

From Cluj-Napoca

You drive first in the direction of Turda and Karlsburg and reach via DN1 the A1, which brings you directly to Sibiu.

With public transport

There are several bus stops around the starting point so that you can reach your destination within Sibiu without any problems. Bus line 15, in particular, always calls at them. If you come from further away, the Romanian city will also be served by several long-distance buses. Unfortunately, Sibiu is not optimally connected to the railway network, but nevertheless some fast trains pass here about four times a day.


Romanian Ministry of Tourism
Bd. Dinicu Golescu 38
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