Swimming Lake / Beach Swimming lakes near Ocna Sibiului in Transylvania: Position on map

Swimming lakes near Ocna Sibiului

Swimming lakes near Ocna Sibiului
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Sea level: 1295.93 ft
Area: 889.6 acres
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Swimming Lake

Lake Ocniţa is one of the popular bathing lakes.
CC by-sa 3.0   © Martin Greslou Lake Ocniţa is one of the popular bathing lakes.

Small lake landscape with great importance

The area around Ocna Sibiului is also known as "Black Transylvania" and is about 17 km from the popular holiday destination of Sibiu. The area is particularly well known and very popular with locals, as it has a large number of salt lakes, which not only invite you to relax in the summer months, but are also a true paradise for passionate swimmers in natural waters. Since the small lakes are scattered around the area, you can choose between several bathing areas, each with its own special features.

A lake and its history

The lake Ocnita is a possibility to have a nice day at the water. The water has a total depth of 83 m and, like its neighbours, has an extremely high salt content. There are even small sand beaches piled up, so that you can feel like in paradise in this small Romanian area. There is also a pool for toddlers and a playground, so this place is suitable for families with children. The lake Gura Minei can be freely translated as "mouth of the mine", which goes back to its history at the time of the mines.

The lake itself was created by the collapse of a mine in the northern part and therefore bears its name to this day. Also remarkable is the underground lake with a total area of 12,000 m², which is also below the surface water. Besides these two lakes, there are others, such as Lake Negru or Brancoveanu, which are all equipped in such a way that you can spend a nice day at the bathing lake here.

Healing effect

The bathing lakes at Ocna Sibiului are generally known for their healthy effect. The spa resort can also be freely translated into English as "salt castle", which clearly illustrates the importance of white gold for the area. The salt mine, which in the past was still deep under the lakes, was flooded more and more by water over the years until the shafts completely collapsed and had to give way to the power of the water. But even today salt still has a central function, because due to the high content in the bathing lakes it helps with diseases such as rheumatism or arthrosis.

Lawn for sunbathing
Sandy Beach Area
Children's section

Interesting facts

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  • It’s ok to bring your best friend to this dog friendly swimming lake.
  • The local lifeguard service Wasserwacht supervises and promotes safety and order at Swimming lakes near Ocna Sibiului.
  • Meals and drinks are provided thanks to a nearby restaurant.
  • Your kids are bored of bathing fun? The close-by playground will give them some variety and the chance to make new friends.
  • The nearby parking lot offers enough space for your car. Restrooms for both women and men are available at the Swimming Lake.

Videos about Swimming lakes near Ocna Sibiului

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How to get there

By car

From Cluj-Napoca

You leave the city on the DN1 and drive via Turda to Sebeş. Then take the A1 to the exit in the direction of Hermannstadt. However, you don't drive into the city, but rather follow the DJ106B in the direction of Șura Mică . Follow the road until you get to the lake collection in Ocna Sibiului.

From Brașov

via DN1 you pass through Codlea to Făgăraș and then change to A1. From there, turn right again onto DJ106B in the direction of Șura Mică and follow the road until you reach the Ocna Sibiului Lakes Collection.

From Deva

From the DN7 you leave the city in the direction of Mintia, but turn right at the fork into the DN76. Take the A1 in the direction of Sibiu and then follow the road in the direction of Șura Mică until you reach the lakes in Ocna Sibiului.

With public transport

There are bus services from Bucharest and Cluj Napoca to Sibiu regularly. The rail connection to the city is unfortunately not very good, as Sibiu is rather off the beaten track of the local railway. However, there are one or two trains a day from the larger cities that can take you to your destination.

From Sibiu there is a regular Romanian State Railway to Sibiului, so you can travel comfortably to your destination. You should get off at the Baile Ocna Sibiului stop, as this is the best place for visitors to the lakes.


Ocna Sibiului


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