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Rock of Cashel

Cashel, Dualla

Rock of Cashel
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Cathedral from inside
© TouriSpo / L. Hackinger Cathedral from inside

The Rock of Cashel is one of the most spectacular and visited tourist attractions in Ireland. It combines Ireland's long heritage and the hallmarks of breathtaking scenery. The buildings on the rock grew over the years and became the complex, interlocking structure that makes the rock such a marvel today.

In the middle of the complex stands a 13th century cathedral with the Hall of the Vicars Choaral, where worship services were once sung. At the back of the cathedral there are references to Ireland's Viking past. In a sarcophagus containing the remains of King Cormac's brother Tadhg, elegant carvings of two interwoven animals are engraved. The 28 meter high tower, built in 1100, is the oldest still standing building of the Rocks. 

Historical Information

Tombs on the Rock of Cashel
© TouriSpo / L. Hackinger Tombs on the Rock of Cashel

As early as 370, the foundation stone of Cashel was laid by the legendary Irish King Corc. The fortress was supposed to protect the town of Cashel, founded by him, at the foot of the cliff and at the same time serve him as a seat of sovereignty. For a long time, the fort continued as the seat of Irish kings. The most famous among them, Brian Boru, was crowned in the year 977 in Cashel to the Irish High King. Until well after Borus's demise until the 12th century, the Rock of Cashel was the seat of the King of Munster.

1101 was a turning point in the history of the Rock of Cashel when King Murtagh O'Brien bequeathed the fortress to the Church. From then on the Rock of Cashel turned into a church monument and the impressive cathedral was built. In the year 1647 the walls of the fortress witnessed a horrible bloody deed. Thousands of people sought protection from Cromwell's troops on the Rock of Cashel, but the walls could not withstand this superiority and 800 people died at the hands of the soldiers. The Ring of Cashel didn't recover from this attack and fell into decay.

Interesting facts

How to get there

Cashel is about 90 kilometres from Cork and can be easily reached by car via the M8 motorway


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Cashel Heritage Centre & Tourist Information Office
Town Hall, Main Street
+353 (0) 62 61333
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