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The Spa

3 Indoor pools
4 Outdoor pools
2 Children's pools
4 Waterslides
Heated pool

Wellness & Beauty

5 Saunas
2 Steam rooms


1 day €48.90
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Description & Details

The waterslides are fun for the small and the big guests!
© Tropical Islands The waterslides are fun for the small and the big guests!

Tropical Island is the largest tropical vacation spot in Europe within the largest self-supporting hall in the world.

The hall was originally built as an airship hanger and was later turned into an exciting vacation paradise. Here you can experience the atmosphere of the tropics all year round, even if it is cold on the outside. Tropical Islands is perfect for swimming, relaxing and enjoying a nice time-out no matter if you do it in a one-day trip or a multi-day trip. Within the hall, the regions of Pacific Asia, Africa and South America collide and provide the perfect mix of tropics with a continuous temperature of 26°C. There is no room for boredom with all the many fun attractions at Tropical Island. The hall is split up into two bigger sectors, the Tropical Adventure World and the Sauna World.

The Tropical Adventure World

The Adventure World consists of the South Sea, the Bali Lagoon, the Indoor Rain Forest, the Tropical Village as well as the enormous children's play world. But Tropical Island has much more to offer like the numerous little shops, restaurants, bars and overnight accommodations. The Wayang-Plaza with its own show-stage and the miniature golf course are the cherry on top.

From the South Sea to the Rain Forest

The South Sea, with a size of 3.000 squared meters (3587 yd²) and a 200 meter (218.7 yd) long sandy beach, offers the perfect place to relax on a deckchair and enjoy the warming sunlight. In addition, it houses a huge water world for kids to play.

At the Bali Lagoon you will find a jet stream canal, two water slides and whirlpools, which guarantee lots of fun but also relaxation. You get to experience the real jungle atmosphere at the grotto as well as the waterfall directly next to the Rain Forest. With over 50.000 plants, bushes and ground-cover plants it is the largest indoor rainforest in the world. There is an about 1 kilometer (0.6 mi) long path on which you can discover the forest admiring palm trees, ferns, mangroves and possibly animals. Turtles and various fishes live in the Mangrove-Swap and tropical birds hide in the treetops of the rainforest. If you decide to go on a discovery tour, you can orientate yourself at 12 stations where you will learn more about the ecosystem of the forest and can find out more about the biodiversity.

Highlights of the Adventure World

One of the main attractions of Adventure World is the 27 meter (89 ft)high water slide tower. With a length of 76 meters (83 yd) you can reach a velocity of up to 70 km/h (44 mph) on this super fast turbo-slide. Fun for the younger and the older visitors is the Great Water Slide with its curved courses and circuits. Another fun attraction is the Wide Wavy Slide and the Tube Slide. The really small children have their very own world in Tropical Islands called the Tropino Children's Club. The area with 4.000 squared meters (4783 yd²) offers a Legocastle, a Powerpaddler Boat Pool, a Bumper Boat Pool, a Climbing Area, a GoKart course, a Bumper Car course and a lot of other fun entertainment for kids to get those eyes to sparkle. Alongside the built-in rocky landscape there is a miniature golf course with 18 holes.

At Island Ballooning you get to see the tropical landscape from airy heights. If none of these action packed attractions sound inviting, why not go for a shopping-stroll down the Boulevard. At the Tropical Village you get to see realistic customary houses from Thailand, Borneo, Bali and Samoa. They were built from experienced architects and handyman from the actual country to make them look as realistic as possible. In the evenings there is a show called “Cuba Tropical” on the Wayang Stage to really experience a Cuban flair.

Indoor pools: 3
Outdoor pools: 4
Children's pools: 2
Heated pool


Looking forward to relax? The Inipi Herb Sweat Lodge is the perfect spot!
© Tropical Islands Looking forward to relax? The Inipi Herb Sweat Lodge is the perfect spot!

Europe's largest tropical Sauna World

Relaxation and regeneration is unavoidable in the numerous wellness and spa facilities. The Sauna World is almost 10.000 squared meters (11969 yd²) large and offers a lot within. In this one of a kind environment you can enjoy sauna and steam baths as well as Far Eastern relaxation methods.

Relaxing in the Angkor Wat Temple and the Elefanta Temple

On the inside of Angkor Temple you will find the Vishnu-Sauna-Temple. At a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius (194 °F) the stone sauna provides total relaxation with low humidity and regular infusions. After the sauna you can go cool off and refresh yourself with a vitalizing shower or at the colder pool at Misty Grotto. You will find a quiet place to relax on the sun-beds of the temple. The Trimurti Crystal World inside the Elefanta Temple is a Gemstone Steam Bath with the different bathing zones amethyst, quartz and rose quartz. At milder temperatures and high humidity you can feel your airways cleansing. At the Ganges Foot Whirlpool you can have a good time getting your feet massaged. Last but not least the wellness facilities offer Ayurveda treatments.

Wellness in the Alcantara Section and the Waiotapu Whirlpool Area

The Alcantara Section reminds you of the Alcantara Canyon with black basal rocks and bizarre rock cave formations. It offers you two sauna and wellness alternatives. At the Gunung Mulu Salt Cave Meditation you can sit back and relax in a hot steam bath. The Campur Campur Natural Beauty Sauna is more of a healing earth bath where you can chose from different beauty, health and care packages. The Waiotapu Whirlpool World inspired by New Zealand will remind you of geysers. There are three pools with water jet nozzles at your disposal, which will provide relaxation and help enhance blood circulation.

Sauna and baths at the village, sports and tranquility at the Asia-House

Inside the wooden structure of the village you will find even more saunas and baths, like the Salasaca Tree Sauna, the Guruwari Blossom Steam Bath or the Inipi Herb Sweat Lodge. There are also rooms for massages, a solar studio, vitalizing showers and the Kinabulu Ice Fountain inside the Tropical Village. At the Japanese Pavilion called the Asia-House you are going to find a Tranquility and Meditation Room. And if you want to get active before or after your spa day, there is a fitness club with modern equipments for strength and endurance training that will definitely get your heart pumping.

Saunas: 5
Steam rooms: 2

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Wellness & Beauty


How to get there

Tropical Island from above
© Tropical Islands Tropical Island from above

By car

The Tropical Islands is located off motorway A13 between Berlin and Dresden. To get there take the exit Staakow and follow the Tropical-Islands-Allee (avenue) until you reach the parking lot.

Public Transportation

In Berlin you will find an international airport, which is about 80 kilometers (50 mi) away. Starting in Berlin,  Cottbus, or other major cities in Germany you can take the train to the station of Brand (Niederlausitz). With a free shuttle service you will get directly to Tropical Islands.


Tropical Islands
Tropical-Islands-Allee 1
+49 (35477) 605050


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