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Erding near Munich is home to Europe’s large spa complex . The spa includes a myriad of different areas across its generous 185,000 m² of floor space. The healing...
27 Pools
30 Saunas
1 Day €32
27 °C
The lake is located 9 km (5.6 miles) away from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The Eibsee lake is directly located at the bottom of the Zugspitze at 1,000 m (1,094 yards) difference in altitude. It is popular among locals and tourists alike....
26 °C
Is there anything more beautiful than spending spectacular holidays underneath palm trees in tropical warm and curative thermal waters and gaining new energy at...
8 Pools
12 Saunas
1 Day €30
26 °C
Elypso Deggendorf offers various water attractions like:   Multi- pool: 410 m² water expanse with a glass dome, a flow channel, massaging...
3 Pools
6 Saunas
1 Day €8
3 h €5.50
26 °C
The reservoir by the Oberilzmühle (also known as Haslach-Speicher) is just by the river Ilz, located north of Passau and is part of the community of Salzweg. The large meadows and open air spaces are perfect for sunbathing sessions. Be...
26 °C
Directly located underneath the Königsstand in the Kramer massif, you'll find the Pflegersee lake. The mountain guest-house Pflegersee is located at the northern lakeside. Apart from the culinary offers, the house has a catering...
26 °C
The country inn with its own swimming lake offers its guests everything what one desires for recreational holidays. Our house guests enjoy free access to the lake. Other guests are of course also welcome to visit us for a swim....
26 °C
"Plantsch" is divided into two parts, an outdoor and an indoor area. "Plantsch" is open all year long. In both areas you can find a sports pool, a children's...
10 Pools
7 Saunas
1 Day €10
3 h €8
26 °C
The bathing beach in Obing is a family friendly location, facilitated with a large open-air lawn for sun-bathing and numerous shady trees protecting you from the sun.   The Obinger See (lake) is a mecca for all lovers of...
26 °C
The winter lake was artificially formed in the middle ages, with the water supply coming from the slope spring at the southern lakeside.   The lake is famous for being the namesake of the local ice hockey team. The...
26 °C
Lake Königssee in Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the most beautiful lakes inside the Alpine region. With its emerald colour and impressive rock faces, the mountain lake appears like a Norwegian fjord right in the Alps. The...
21 °C

The 4 most beautiful Swimming spots in Bavaria

1.Spa THERME Bad Wörishofen
2.Spa Therme Erding
3.Elypso Deggendorf
4.Fun bath and sauna Plantsch
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