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The Spa

3 Indoor pools
Heated pool
Kneipp basin

Wellness & Beauty

6 Saunas
1 Steam room


1 day €32.50
2 hours €22.50
4 hours €27.50
All rates & fees


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Description & Details

Spend some relaxing hours at the spa.
© Saarland Therme Spend some relaxing hours at the spa.

High quality in equipment and water is a special concern at Saarland Spa. The water in the pools comes from the spa's very own spring  and is concentrated with a natrium-calcium-cloride-sulphate mixture and additional fluoride. Therefore, it has been recognized as curative water - come and enjoy all of its benefits.

The Vitalbad pool is heated to 37°C/98,6°F and offers massaging nozzles that help relax your skin and muscles. In addition, it is enriched with iodine, which on the one hand helps with fumigation and on the other it has a health enhancing effect on skin and eye conditions. Other than that it encourages a dense connective tissue and is known to have a positive impact on your blood pressure. The alkaline pool at Saarland Spa is enriched with additional zinc, selenium and lithium, which is proven to supportive strengthened hair, nails and skin. After a niche and relaxing stay at the alkaline pool you should also try the alternating bath where you switch between warm and cold water.

Indoor pools: 3
Heated pool
Kneipp basin


Fiery atmosphere at the sauna.
© Saarland Therme Fiery atmosphere at the sauna.

The sauna area at Saarland Spa offers everything you could wish for. Especially the eucalyptus sauna with an infusion filled with added eucalyptus tassels is a unique sauna experience. You will enjoy an exclusive way of relaxation and purging within the 80°C/176°F warm sauna.

To relax in a special sauna atmosphere you should try the herb sauna or rock sauna. Those are usually less crowded and perfect to enjoy soothing infusions perfect for body and soul.

Furthermore, you will have the option to try an Oriental steam bath and an original Finnish sauna. If these two are too specific for you, you can always use the classic saunas heated up to 80°C/176°F at a humidity of about 20%. As special treats for your skin use the complimentary honey rub or the salt based exfoliating scrub while having a sauna. 

Saunas: 6
Steam room: 1
Ladies sauna
Aroma sauna

Interesting facts

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  • Saarland Spa is among the 15 best rated Spas in Germany.
  • The nearby parking lot offers enough space for your car.
  • Meals and drinks are provided thanks to a nearby restaurant.

Video about Saarland Spa

Saarland Therme Image Video | 04:51

Wellness & Beauty

The spa takes care of your every culinary need.
© Saarland Therme The spa takes care of your every culinary need.

In addition to a health enhancing stay at Saarland Spa's mineral enriched pools, try a massage or another treatment to gain pure healing and wellness. Classic massages as well as more specific ones like an oriental - herb - stamp massage are offered.

Individual beauty treatments will help to clean and rebuild, as well as care for particular problematic areas of your skin. Basic treatments like manicures and pedicures are also offered, of course.


How to get there

The spa is located near Saarbrücken, from where you can reach it by car or on public transport.

By car:

By car it will take you about 17 minutes to get to the spa. First, take B41 to get onto motorway A8, leave the highway towards B51 and you will soon reach the spa. Parking is available at the spa for cars as well as for motorhomes (€15 per night). 

On public transportation:

Take the train towards Straßbourg. Get off at Sarreguemines and take a taxi to the spa.


Saarland Therme
Zum Bergwald 1
+49 (0)6805 600 00 0


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