Bike Trail Saline Tour from Rosenheim to Hallein in the Chiemsee Alpenland: Position on map

Webcams along the Bike Trail Saline Tour from Rosenheim to Hallein

Saline Tour from Rosenheim to Hallein
Obersalzberg - Apartments Renoth
Elevation: 2463.9 ft
View from apartments Renoth at Obersalzberg mountain near Berchtesgaden.
5 hours ago
Berchtesgaden: Camping Site Allweglehen
Elevation: 1853.7 ft
View from camping site Allweglehen near Berchtesgaden
5 hours ago
Berchtesgaden - View Oberau
Elevation: 2483.6 ft
View of Oberau village near Berchtesgaden, Upper Bavaria
5 hours ago
Ramsau - Webcam Guesthouse Urban
Elevation: 2670.6 ft
View from Guest House Urban in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden. You can see the famous panoramic street.
5 hours ago
Berchtesgaden: Webcam Hotel Zechmeisterlehen
Elevation: 2021 ft
View of Hotel Zechmeisterlehen near Berchtesgaden and Schönau, Upper Bavaria.
5 hours ago
Berchtesgaden - City Centre
Elevation: 1879.9 ft
View of Berchtesgaden city center and Watzmann mountain.
temporarily unavailable
Jenner mountain - Valley View Cable Car
Elevation: 5843.2 ft
Valley view at Jenner Cable Car near Schönau at Lake Königssee.
4 hours ago
Berchtesgaden - Rossfeld Panoramic Road
Elevation: 5039.4 ft
The webcam is located at the Rossfeld panoramic road near Berchtesgaden. The pass road is the highest panoramic road in Germany.
4 hours ago
Bad Reichenhall - Predigtstuhl cable car
Elevation: 3799.2 ft
You can see the cable car at the Predigtstuhl in Bad Reichenhall. The Predigtstuhlbahn is the oldest cable car in the world that has been...
2 hours ago
Bad Reichenhall - Top Station Predigtstuhl
Elevation: 5098.4 ft
The camera is located at the top station of the cable car Predigtstuhlbahn in Bad Reichenhall. The hiking trails lead to the summit at 1,614 meters.
4 hours ago
Bad Reichenhall - Top Station Predigstuhl Cable car
Elevation: 5170.6 ft
Enjoy the view from the top station of the Predigtstuhl cable car over Bad Reichenhall in Berchtesgadener Land.
2 hours ago
Ruhpolding - Video Webcam Village and Mountains
Elevation: 2283.5 ft
Webcam located in Ruhpolding, Upper Bavaria. You can see the village and the Chiemgau mountains surrounding.
2 hours ago
View Top Station at Jenner Mountain
Elevation: 5843.2 ft
View from top station of Jennerbahn near Lake Königssee.
5 hours ago
View from Carl von Stahl Mountain Hut
Elevation: 5656.2 ft
View from Carl von Stahl Mountain Hut near Jenner mountain and Scheibenstein mountain.
5 hours ago
View from Midway Station
Elevation: 3946.9 ft
Valley view from midway station of Jennerbahn near Lake Königssee.
4 hours ago
Webcam Hallein Bad Dürrnberg
Elevation: 2765.7 ft
The webcam is located in Bad Dürrnberg near Salzburg. You can see the ski lifts of the Hallein Bad Dürrnberg ski resort.
temporarily unavailable
Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden: Hochschwarzeck
Elevation: 3412.1 ft
View from Hochschwarzeck in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden and the surrounding Alpine panorama.
1 hour ago
Lake Chiemsee - Prien Pier
Elevation: 1706 ft
This webcam shows the shipping pier in Prien as well as Lake Chiemsee.
2 hours ago
Samerberg - Törwang
Elevation: 2467.2 ft
Have a look to Törwang and Grainbach in Bavaria. In the background you can see the Hochries mountain.
5 hours ago
Ramsau - Berchtesgaden - St. Sebastian Church
Elevation: 2214.6 ft
From Malerwinkel in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden you can see the Ramsauer Ache and the local church of St. Sebastian in the background.
5 hours ago
Strobalm - View of Piding and Bad Reichenhall
Elevation: 2490.2 ft
From top of the Strobalm you have a great view of Piding and Bad Reichenhall.
20 minutes ago
Kirchanschöring near Lake Waginger See
Elevation: 1558.4 ft
View to the municipality of Kirchanschöring near lake Waginger See.
temporarily unavailable
Grabenstätt - View to lake Chiemsee
Elevation: 1768.4 ft
Have a look at the municipality of Grabenstätt and lake Chiemsee in the background.
temporarily unavailable
Aschau (Chiemgau) - Cafe Pauli
Elevation: 1998 ft
The webcam is located at Cafe Pauli in Aschau (Chiemgau) and points south.
6 minutes ago
Hochstaufen: View to the East to Salzburg
Elevation: 5620.1 ft
The webcam is located at Reichenhaller Haus and offers a great view to the east. In the middle you can see Salzburg with its suburbs, to the left...
5 hours ago
Rosenheim / RoMed Hospital - View to Southwest
Elevation: 1482.9 ft
Have a look from the roof of RoMed Hospital in Rosenheim to the southwest.
5 hours ago
Oed - Marquartstein - View to the east
Elevation: 1906.2 ft
Enjoy the view from Oed in the south of Marquartstein (Chiemgau) to Hochlerch and Rechenberg.
5 hours ago
Kampenwand - View to the North
Elevation: 4849.1 ft
Enjoy the view from the ridge between the top station of the lift and the summit of the Kampenwand into Chiemgau.
5 hours ago
Hochrieshütte - View to the south
Elevation: 5052.5 ft
Enjoy the view from Hochrieshütte to Kufstein and the Kaisergebirge in the south.
5 hours ago
Hochries - View to the northeast
Elevation: 5082 ft
The webcam is located at Hochries and offers a great view to the northeast to the Riesenberg and the Kampenwand.
5 hours ago
Reichenhaller Haus at Hochstaufen - View to the South
Elevation: 5620.1 ft
From the Reichenhaller house (Staufenhaus) at the Hochstaufen you have a great view to the south towards the Lattengebirge. In the background you...
5 hours ago
Bad Endorf - Simssee - View to Wendelstein
Elevation: 1896.3 ft
This webcam located northeast from Bad Endorf offers a great view to lake Simssee and the Wendelstein in the background.
5 hours ago
Salzburg Airport Panorama
Elevation: 1420.6 ft
Panoramic view over Salzburg Airport.
5 hours ago
Unterwoessen - Gliding School
Elevation: 1830.7 ft
View of flying field in Unterwoesse. The webcam is located at the rooftop of gliding school.
5 hours ago
View Oberwoessen
Elevation: 2142.4 ft
View over the roofs of Oberwoessen, Chiemgau.
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 1814.3 ft
View over the roofs ob Unterwoessen, upper bavaria.
temporarily unavailable
Rauschberg Top Station
Elevation: 5262.5 ft
The webcam shows the top station at the mount Rauschberg near Ruhpolding, where a small christmas market takes place at the first two Advents...
temporarily unavailable
Traunstein: Town Square
Elevation: 1948.8 ft
Webcam located Jackl Tower in Traunstein. You can see the town square.
5 hours ago
Panoramic view of Herreninsel
Elevation: 1778.2 ft
Webcam located at the restaurant on Herreninsel a island of Lake Chiemsee. Enjoy the panoramic view.
2 hours ago
Chiemsee: Chiemgauhof
Elevation: 1692.9 ft
Check out the view from the Hotel Chiemgauhof in Übersee towards the famous lake Chiemsee in Bavaria.
temporarily unavailable
Panoramic View Waginger See
Elevation: 1617.5 ft
Webcam located at Krautenberg, a small village near Waging am See. You can see the two swimming lakes: Waginger See and Tachinger See.
2 hours ago
Waging: Church of Pilgrimage Maria Mühlberg
Elevation: 1663.4 ft
Webcam located at the pilgrimage church 'Maria Mühlberg' in Waging.
5 hours ago
Waging: Sailing Harbor
Elevation: 1453.4 ft
Webcam located at sailing harbor of Waginger See, a lake in upper bavaria near Traunstein.
5 hours ago
Waging: Campsite Hainz am See
Elevation: 1499.3 ft
Webcam located at Campsite 'Hainz am See' at lakeside of Waginger See.
temporarily unavailable
Campsite Waginger See
Elevation: 1456.7 ft
Webcam located at campsite in Waging am See. You can see the lake Waginger See.
temporarily unavailable
Pub Zillreith in Adnet
Elevation: 2585.3 ft
This webcam shows you the surroundings of the Gasthof Zillreith in Adnet, Austria.
5 hours ago
Chiemgau Alps: Marquartstein
Elevation: 3303.8 ft
Located at Marquartstein you look in an easterly direction on Hochlerch and Rechenberg mountain.
5 hours ago
Ruhpolding: Top station Unternberg
Elevation: 4603 ft
View from the top station of the Unternberg lift in Ruhpolding
temporarily unavailable
Hochries mountain hut, southeast of Rosenheim
Elevation: 4924.5 ft
Located at Hochries mountain hut you face west.
5 hours ago
Berchtesgaden and surroundings
Elevation: 2253.9 ft
The webcam shows the city Berchtesgaden which forms part of the popular holiday region Berchtesgaden-Königssee.
1 hour ago
Dry Toboggan in Marquartstein
Elevation: 2145.7 ft
Here you can see the dry toboggan at Märchenpark Marquartstein in Chiemgau.
5 hours ago
Mountain restaurant "Steinberg Alm"
Elevation: 3277.6 ft
The webcam shows the Miesenbacher valley from the mountain inn Steinberg Alm.
5 hours ago
Rauschberg mountain
Elevation: 5301.8 ft
View from Rauschberg summit towards Ruhpolding in the Chiemgau region.
5 hours ago
Accommodation Bojernhof
Elevation: 2283.5 ft
View towards Ruhpolding from the accommodation "Bojernhof".
5 hours ago
Steinberger Hof Guesthouse
Elevation: 2358.9 ft
South view from Hotel Steinbergerhof towards Ruhpolding, Chiemgau.
2 hours ago
"Beim Waicher" - Ruhpolding
Elevation: 2270.3 ft
The webcam is situated at the accommodation "Beim Waicher" in the south of Ruhpolding.
2 hours ago
Hotel Zeller Hof
Elevation: 2227.7 ft
Live pictures from Zeller Hof accommodation in the holiday region Chiemgau.
5 hours ago
Ruhpolding: Chiemgau Arena
Elevation: 2355.6 ft
Live pictures from Chiemgau Arena where the IBU Biatholn Worldcup takes place every year.
2 hours ago
Hotel Seeblick
Elevation: 1801.2 ft
View of Thumsee from the accommodation Hotel Seeblick in the region Berchtesgadener Land.
5 hours ago
St. Florian Restaurant
Elevation: 1791.3 ft
Here you can see the view from Restaurant St. Florian towards the "Lattengebirge" mountain range.
temporarily unavailable
Pub Schwabenbraeu, Bad Reichenhall
Elevation: 1542 ft
Live pictures from the beer garden of Schwabenbraeu pub in the center of Bad Reichenhall.
5 hours ago
Vorderloiplsau - Berchtesgadener Land
Elevation: 3569.6 ft
Enjoy the view of Vorderloiplsau looking southwest. You can spot Hochkalter and Reiteralm.
5 hours ago
Panorama view Hirschkaser, Ramsau
Elevation: 4458.7 ft
Webcam at mountain restaurant Hirschkaser near Ramsau with panorama view of Berchtesgadener Land mountains.
temporarily unavailable
Inzell: Farmouse Wimmerhof
Elevation: 2309.7 ft
Enjoy the view of the Inzell valley
2 hours ago
Schönau am Königssee - View Mountain Hut Hochlenzer
Elevation: 2900.3 ft
Have a look at the village Schönau am Königssee which is located in Bavaria, Germany.
4 hours ago
Koenigssee: St. Bartholomae
Elevation: 1991.5 ft
Live pictures from the pilgrimage church St. Bartholomae situated at the peninsula Hirschau in the Koenigssee region.
5 hours ago
Bobsled run Koenigssee
Elevation: 2142.4 ft
The webcam is located at the bob run and shows the "Koenigsee" lake in the background.
3 hours ago
West view bob run Koenigsee
Elevation: 2181.8 ft
View to parts of the bobsled run of "Deutsche Post Eisarena" in the holiday region Berchtesgadener Land.
3 hours ago
Golf course Obersalzberg
Elevation: 2647.6 ft
You can see parts of the golf course Obersalzberg in the popular holiday region Königssee - Berchtesgadener Land.
5 hours ago
Koenigssee: Tourist Information
Elevation: 1925.9 ft
The webcam is located at the town hall building of Schoneau and shows the Tourist Information (Haus des Gastes) and the courtyard.
4 hours ago
Zinkenstüberl near Bad Dürrnberg
Elevation: 4245.4 ft
Your view at the Zirkenstüberl near Bad Dürrnberg in Hallein, Austria.
5 hours ago
Bad Reichenhall: Thermal Spa
Elevation: 1525.6 ft
Outdoor pool of 'Rupertus Therme' in Bad Reichenhall, Upper Bavaria, small town near Salzburg.
2 hours ago
Bad Endorf: Thermal Spa
Elevation: 1706 ft
View of the outdoor pools of the thermal bath Chiemgau Thermen in Bad Endorf.
2 hours ago
Thermal Bath in Bad Endorf
Elevation: 1706 ft
The webcam show the 125m long lazy river, one of the highlights of the thermal bath.
4 hours ago
Terrace mountain restaurant Alpenblick
Elevation: 3064.3 ft
You can see the terrace and the playground at mountain restaurant Alpenblick in Krispl
5 hours ago
Lift Westernberg Ruhpolding
Elevation: 2234.3 ft
View to the leita stu`m, a restaurant at the western mountain in ruhpolding
5 hours ago
Elevation: 4806.4 ft
The webcam is located at Rossfeld in the popular holiday region Berchtesgadener Land.
4 hours ago
nature baths Aschauerweiher
Elevation: 2142.4 ft
Have a look at the nature bath Aschauerreiher in Berchtesgaden
temporarily unavailable
Ski pistes in ruhpolding, western mountain
Elevation: 2181.8 ft
Webcam at the western mountain in ruhpolding. you can see the area of ski pistes and the t-bar-lift.
5 hours ago
Base of Götschen
Elevation: 2887.1 ft
Located at the base the webcam faces Götschenkopf.
2 hours ago
Rossfeld ski resort: Großer lift T-Bar
Elevation: 4806.4 ft
Here you can see the "Große Lift" T-Bar at Rossfeld ski resort in Austria.
4 hours ago
Top station Kampenwandbahn
Elevation: 4757.2 ft
Located at the top of Kampenwandbahn you can enjoy the vista towards the alp SonnenAlm and the lift Roßleiten.
2 hours ago
Teisendorf in the Berchtesgadener Land
Elevation: 1633.9 ft
Have a look at Teisendorf in the Berchtesgadener Land.
2 hours ago
Jennerbahn - view direction south
Elevation: 5715.2 ft
Located at ski resort Jenner near Berchtesgaden you can see direction south on Hagen mountain range and Steinernes Meer mountain
5 hours ago
Summit Kehlstein
Elevation: 6017.1 ft
Located at the Kehlstein the webcam shows the Kehlsteinhaus and surroundings in the hiking region Berchtesgaden-Königssee.
1 hour ago
Hochfelln mountain (Chiemgau)
Elevation: 5328.1 ft
Outlook at Hochfelln mountain
temporarily unavailable

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  • 86 webcams are located near the Bike Trail Saline Tour from Rosenheim to Hallein. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 13 live streaming webcams, 8 panoramic webcams und 65 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Summit Kehlstein) is situated 1834 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Salzburg Airport Panorama) is situated 433 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Bike Trail Saline Tour from Rosenheim to Hallein's vicinity: Obersalzberg - Apartments Renoth.
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