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Elefants taking their bath
© København Zoo Elefants taking their bath

Founded in 1859, Copenhagen Zoo is the oldest zoo in Denmark and one of the oldest in Europe. In 2010 it was home to more than 3.500 animals of 240 different species. The Copenhagen Zoo specialises mainly on the keeping of nordic animals like bears, wolves, reindeers and musk oxes.

Through the African Savanna

On your way through the African savanna of the Zoo Copenhagen you will discover a large number of animal species. Antilopes, impalas, zebras, ostriches and guinea fowls, as well as hippopotami and white rhinocerosses all feel at home here. In the Hippo-House for example you can watch the hippos taking their bath or relaxing, and hammerhead birds, who also live here. Of course the Savanna would not be complete without lions and giraffes. In the Giraffe-House you can observe the four meter high animals using their long necks and tongues to eat hay from the hayracks or pulling out leaves. Beside the giraffes, the house is also home to some African birds, such as colourful barbets.

Tropical feeling in Copenhagen

The tropical hall, located in the Southamerica part of the zoo, harbours a diversity of plants and bushes, as well as enormeous trees and a waterfall. Birds fly freely above your head and on the ground you can see frogs and toads. A similar climate prevails in the Butterfly House, which is home to a big diversity of butterflies.

The “Arctic Ring“

In the year 2013 a unique installation opened in the Copenhagen Zoo to house polar bears, North Atlantic birds and seals, the so-called Arctic Ring. Here you can find much of the animal kingdom of the Arctic Ocean and learn a considerable amount about them in an interactive exhibition. Placed in the middle of the Arctic Ring is a bird rock, built as an imitation of a cliff in the Faroe Islands. Atlantic puffins, razorbills and guillemots live here. In a tunnel surrounded by water you can marvel up close at swimming polar bears and can watch birds diving under water. The facility allows bigger predators to dig for prey as well at land as in water, just like in the great outdoors. Be at eye-level with the polar bears, when they are quenching their thirst in small fresh water lakes and get a feeling for the size of these up to 600 kilogram heavy animals.

Asian wildlife surrounding the Elefant House

The Asian Part of Copenhagen Zoo houses tigers, tapirs and elefants. The bright and inviting Elefant House forms the boarder between the Zoo and the Frederiksberg, so that visitors outside of the zoo can as well observe the elefants. In an area of 10.000 m², with mud holes, feeding grounds and activity facilities, live seven Asian elefants.

Childrens' Zoo and Rabbit Playground

Children enjoy the zoo not only because of the many big animals. The Rabbit Playground offers a glimpse into the world of rabbits and the petting zoo has within touching distance Danish cattle, African dwarf goats, rabbits, lamas and horses.

View from the top

You need to climb 182 steps in order to enjoy the view from the 50 meter high 'Zootårn' tower. It is located in the midst of the zoo and offers a beautiful view over the towers and rooftops of Copenhagen.

Interesting facts

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How to get there

Flamingos are only one of many bird species to discover
© København Zoo Flamingos are only one of many bird species to discover

Copenhagen Zoo is located in the middle of the city Copenhagen, within the district Frederiksberg.

By car or bike

The easiest way to reach the zoo is via the Vesterbrogade, Pile Allé, Roskildevej or Søndre Fasanvej. You can park along the Roskildevej and Søndre Fasanvej (don't forget the parking disc). Your bike can be parked in front of the main entrance of the zoo.

By main public transport

Many bus lines stop directly infront of the main entrance of the zoo, others have their stop in the immediate surroundings. To get to the zoo, you can take lines 4A, 6A, 26 and 832. The station Valby is within 15 minutes walking distance to the zoo, but you can also take the bus 4A to get to the zoo. The nearest metro stations are Frederiksberg near the Frederiksberg Center and Fasanvejen at the Nordre Fasanvej. From here you need about 15 minutes by foot.



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