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Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium
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Modern video installations bring even the biggest ocean dwellers almost close enough to touch.
© Palma Aquarium Modern video installations bring even the biggest ocean dwellers almost close enough to touch.

Unravel the secrets of the oceans (or at least some of them) at Palma Aquarium in Palma de Mallorca. The aquatic zoo makes impressive use of the local diversity in flora and fauna, and boasts realistic reproductions of maritime eco systems and biospheres. The park wants to raise visitors' awareness for the beauty and the importance of the underwater world.

From Mediterranean to Jungle

Palma Aquarium is divided into separate areas, with a lot to discover in each of them. At the mediterranean section, for instance, you can touch a real starfish or marvel at the beautiful corals and anemones. The outdoor area also features inhabitants of the Mediterranean. You can even go cheek by jowl with one of them: snorkeling with rays is available for visitors of three years and older. All you need is a bathing suit!

For something more exotic, go to the tropical area to find Nemo, Dory, and many more of their colourful friends. Or go up to the rooftop garden, where you will find an impressively real reconstruction of an Amazon jungle. Against the backdrop of a 7 metre waterfall you can discover a 100-year-old alligator snapping turtle, piranhas and more.

At the Jellyfish Tank, you get to explore the shape, light, and magic of jellyfish. The brainless animals have been living on our earth for 700 million years. Even more spectacular: Big Blue, one of Europe's deepest shark tanks. Eleven sharks of two different species live here. If you want to get a little closer, you can book a tour on the Shark Vision Boat or even dive with the sharks. As an alternative for the less brave, Palma Aquarium offers shark sleep-overs for groups of 15 or more. Spend a special night with the sea dwellers, games, information, and food included.

"Giants of the Ocean"

Palma Aquarium introduced a special project in 2019. With "Giants of the Ocean", visitors get unprecedented insight into the life of humpback whales. A 400 square metre room was constructed for this experience, where modern film technology allows you to discover the beauty of the marine mammal on 360° and in life size.

The innovative project is the first of its kind in Europe. The goal is to raise people's awareness of marine animals, the environment, and environmental issues. The film takes viewers on a journey along the hunchbacks' nomadic life, and is completed by an interactive room where you can learn even more about the majestic giants.

Historical Information

Palma Aquarium was opened in 2007, and is part of Coral World International Group, the world leader for building marine aquariums. Their goal has always been to create real marine observatories based on the local diversity of flora and fauna at the respective venue, and realistic reproductions of marine biospheres. Besides Palma de Mallorca, they have aquariums in places like Israel, Australia, or Hawaii.

Interesting facts

How to get there

By car
Via motorway Ma-19; coming from either direction you exit at #10. Parking is free at the car park, furthermore, visitors of the aquarium get a discount at the subterranean garage.

By bus
There is a bus stop right in front of Palma Aquarium. Bus lines 15, 23, and 25 connect it to the rest of the island.


Palma Aquarium Mallorca in 4K (Ultra HD) | 03:36
Palma Aquarium - Mallorca - Majorca -...
ein Video zum "runterkommen" - what a WONDERfull...


Palma Aquarium
C/ Manuela de Los Herreros I Sorà 21
Palma de Mallorca
+34 902 702 902
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