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Hunte Trail

Hunte Trail


Min: 0 ft
Max: 141 ft
Uphill: 1273 ft
Downhill: 1178 ft
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last update on May 31, 2023
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Distance: 85.13 miles
Min: 0 ft
Max: 141 ft
Uphill: 1273 ft
Downhill: 1178 ft

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Route description

Starting at the barrage in Elsfleth, an old port town north of Bremen, the trail leads over 137km/85mi through the idyllic landscape of northern Lower Saxony all the way to lake Dümmer. The trail follows river Hunte, from the river's mouth in Weser (starting point) to lake Dümmer, the second largest lake in Lower Saxony (destination). Signs will mostly guide you the way. You can bike the trail in different stages or on different day tours. As to the roads surface, you will find asphalted, paved and also graveled roads along the way.

The first 25km/15.5mi you will be biking through the area called Hunte-Deich towards Wardenburg. Doing so you will pass the hamlets Hundsmühlen and Tungeln. Eventually, in Wardenburg you'll pass a school building and get to a bridge. Pass it and keep straight first, then turn right and after a short time right again towards the levee. This levee will lead to another bridge, which you cross on Astruper Street to get to Sandkrug, while you start biking away from the river.

Afterwards continue left on a path alongside river Hunte towards Wildeshausen.

The part between Oldenburg and Wildeshausen (about 40km/24.9mi) offers a specially beautiful landscape, which is also ecologically important. You will continue through the nature park Wildeshauser Geest, past romantic river valleys, lakes with water mills as well as forests and  blooming heathers with various barrows, like for example the Pestruper Gräberfeld. You will bike through the village Hatten and the artistic village Dötlingen, which is perfect to take a rest. The historic centre offers various sights and pubs. Closeby you will also find the so-called Glaner Braut, a megalithic tomb from the Neolithic Age.

From Wildeshausen, continue towards Diepholz, where Hunte Trail crosses the trail Fernweg – Osnabrück, so be aware and look at the signs. The biking trail now leads towards south and after about 15km/9.3mi you will reach Goldenstedt, which again is great to take a rest.

The following 25km/15.5mi are characterised by an idyllic moor landscape. Passing the hamlet Barnstof you will eventually get to Diepholz and after 10km/6.2mi you will reach the final destination of the tour, lake Dümmer. Many visitors come to see the beautiful nature surrounding the lake, to relax or to do water sports. Useful information about the area is given at Dümmer museum.


Eating options available
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Where to eat

Various places to eat can be found in Oldenburg, Wardenburg, Dötlingen, Wildeshausen, Goldenstedt and Diepholz. In addition, all these places also offer nice places to stay overnight.

Interesting facts

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Highlights of the tour

Highlights of the tour include the idyllic landscape of Wildeshauser Geest as well as the sights located within the historc towns Oldenburg and Dötlingen and also the Pestruper Gräberfeld and Glaner Braut. Both historic tombs from the Neolithic Age are part of the megalithic culture road connecting various archaeological sights in Lower Saxony.


Variation 1:

Since the tour leads continuously alongside river Hunte, the rivers sight is a good indicater for when you can't read the signposts clearly. At some stages, like for example after the bridge in Astrup you can take the direct way upstream alongside Hunte, which will however be a much more challenging path.

Variation 2:

Alternatively, you can start the tour in Oldenburg and only ride to, for example, Wildeshausen. The distance of this part, which is known as the most beautiful stage of the trail, amounts to overall 40km/24.9mi.


Getting here

By car

Coming from Bremen (south) take motorway A28 and exit in Ganderkesee west onto B212, which leads directly to Elsfleth.

Coming from west Oldenburg/Emden (west) take A28 to Oldenburg-West where you take A293 towards Oldenburg- Nadorst, turn right into L865 and continue towards Elsfleth. After approximately 15min you will get to B212, which leads directly to Elsfleth.

Coming from Bremerhaven (north) take the ferry to Nordenham to get to B212, which leads directly to Elsfleth.

By train

Trains from Oldenburg (change in Hude), Bremen and Nordenham run to Elsfleth every hour.



Naturpark Wildeshauser Geest
Delmenhorster Straße 6
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