Hike Göpfritzschlag - Hohenwarth – Münchreith in the Waldviertel: Position on map

Hike Göpfritzschlag - Hohenwarth – Münchreith

Göpfritzschlag - Hohenwarth – Münchreith


Min: 1401 ft
Max: 1745 ft
Uphill: 673 ft
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last update on Sep 12, 2016
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Distance: 6.21 miles
Duration:3 h 30 min
Loop trail
Min: 1401 ft
Max: 1745 ft
Uphill: 673 ft

Trail characteristics

Dirt road
Forest track
Hiking trail


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Route description

Starting at Thaya bridge

Start your tour at Thaya bridge in the towncenter of Karlstein. First walk in a north eastern direction along the main road and then turn left onto Parkstraße when you get to the small church. After a short walk on that street leading out of the town, change onto a path running alongside a stream.

Alongside the stream to Göpfritzschlag 

After approximately 700m/2300ft you will get to the agricultural road Münchreith. Cross it and you will see a bridge leading across the stream Schladeinbach. Don't cross the bridge but follow the trail on your side of the stream. After some time you will reach Göpfritzschlag. Instead of walking into the town make a sharp right turn and keep going until you hit B30.

Alongside the forest to Hohenwahr

Now follow B30 towards Karlstein and turn left at the first possible turn. Keep going for about 2km/1,2mi and hike across meadows and through woods until you get to Hohenwarth. Again don't walk into the town but follow the street towards Münchreith. After about 100m/328ft you will see a hiking trail to your right, on which you continue further.

Tour around Münchreith

Keep following that trail alongside the forest until you reach Münchreith an der Thaya. A Gothic church is located right at the town's entry and close to that church you will find a path on which you can walk around Münchreith. At about half of the tour around Münchreith you will hit an asphalt road, on which you continue until it crosses the national road.

Way back to Thaya bridge

Cross the road to get onto Parkstraße, which you follow into the town. There you will get back onto the path you followed at the beginning of your tour. Now simply walk back to Thaya bridge, the starting point and at the same time the end of the tour.


Suitable for kids
Overnight stay available
Eating options available

Where to eat

To get some food either stop in Karlstein itself or walk into the towns you pass along the way, to get something there.

Interesting facts

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  • You're traveling a distance of 6 miles on this easy trail. Average length of all hikes in Lower Austria is 9 miles.
  • The hike is one of the family friendly trails in the region.
  • Hiking boots are not required, but the hike might be more enjoyable with sturdy footwear (especially in wet conditions). If you get hungry along the way, there are places to rest and get food. Nevertheless it’s recommended to also have enough water and food in your backpack when hiking or biking.


No special equipment is required for this tour, however weather appropriate clothes won't hurt.

Getting here

By car:

Coming from Vienna take A22 and exit in Stockerau. Continue on B4 until you reach Horn. In Horn take L 8019 and keep going until you get to Irnfritz, where you take L52 to Raabs/Thaya. Eventually on L8068 turn into B30 on which you continue to Karlstein.


Coming from Linz first take A7 towards Freistadt and change onto B310 until Freistadt. There you continue on B38 until you reach Karlstift and in Karlstift itself take B41 to Schrems. In Schrems follow B2 to Vitis and afterwards take B36 to Waidhofen/Thaya, where you change onto L59 on which you get to Karlstein.


Park your car somewhere around Thaya bridge.



Karlstein an der Thaya
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