Hike Herzsteinweg – St. Oswald in the Waldviertel: Position on map

Hike Herzsteinweg – St. Oswald

Herzsteinweg – St. Oswald


Min: 2136 ft
Max: 2717 ft
Uphill: 577 ft
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last update on Sep 12, 2016
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Distance: 4.35 miles
Duration:3 h 30 min
Loop trail
Min: 2136 ft
Max: 2717 ft
Uphill: 577 ft

Trail characteristics

Dirt road
Forest track
Hiking trail


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Route description

St. Oswald lies in the southern forest quarter. Within this quarter, the town is famous for its stunning view on the Alps. Particularly from the Burgsteinberg (1013 metres/ 1107 yards) a fantastic view on the nearer Alps is guaranteed. The way is especially fascinating through its mystifying places, such as Herzstein, Totenkopfstein, Steinerne Kornmandel etc. From the Kirchenplatz the way leads north, turns right just before the Wackelstein until one gets to the junction of Altenmarkt-Dorfstetten. In the direction of Dorfstetten one will have to go 50 metres/ 54 yards and then turn right to get to the Hauptmann-Mayer-Ruhe (secured view point). Through a young forest one will continue hiking further north along a flat forest path and reach a meadow. From here, the way will lead to Herzstein together with the Herzsteinweg-Yspertal path (no. 34). After 100 metres/ 109 yards along the path at the edge of the woods, one will get to the Steinerne Kornmandel (a pyramid-like stone in the middle of a field). Legend has it that the Steinerne Kornmandel is a grain that was turned to stone after the farmer was complaining about the scarce harvest. It is also known as the calendar stone, the oldest solar clock in the Ysper-Weitental. Just above the farmer house Pireitsteiner, to the right, a way will lead to the Totenkopf-Drachenstein (a skull with its empty eye sockets being directed towards the north, where after Germanic beliefs the Gods' castle along with the realm of the dead are located. Weißenberg is close (782 metres/ 855 yards). Back at Pireitsteiner, one will hike along the forest to the house Windhager on the right upwards to the actual Herzstein (heart stone), located at the Hinterberg (838 metres/ 916 yards). The Herzstein depicts a female double cult place and is a crawl-through-stone. There, the road is divided and one will hike straight towards the Landesstraße, then turn left and at the house Mosgöller to the right 50 metres/ 54 yards into the Güterweg Undeutsch. Here, the hike tour will turn left into the Forststraße Süß, again left at the Süßenhof, the path continues further along the Landesstraße up to the junction towards the direction of St. Oswald. After 300 metres/ 328 yards one will have to turn right into the forest path, at the path for goods transportation left and before the junction with the Landesstraße to the right along the forest road up to the water tower, then to the Wackelstein and back to St. Oswald. An additional opportunity to hike is a tour from the water tower further along the Forststraße up to the Stockberg (761 metres/ 832 yards). Here, one will find a Blutschüssel (brass bowl) located.

Suitable for kids
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Interesting facts

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  • You're traveling a distance of 4 miles on this easy trail. The hike is therefore not too long. The average length of all hikes in Lower Austria is 9 miles.
  • You're facing an uphill climb of 176 vertical meters on this hike. The track is therefore relatively flat. The hike takes you to an elevation of 2717 ft.
  • The hike is one of the family friendly trails in the region.
  • In case of good weather conditions, the hike can also be done without bringing your hiking boots. There are places to buy beverages and food along the track. However it’s always recommended to bring enough water and food along with you.

Getting here

A1 - exit at Ybbs – Danube bridge Persenbeug – B36 to Yspertal into the direction of St. Oswald

St. Oswald, Kirchenplatz


St. Oswald
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