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Hike International Art Hiking Trail


Max: 659 ft
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Distance: 11.81 miles
Duration:6 h
Start:Train Station Bad Belzig
Finish:Train Station Wiesenburg/ Mark
Max: 659 ft

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Trail characteristics

Dirt road
Forest track
Hiking trail


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Route description

About the Art Hiking Path

The international art hiking trail, leading from Bad Belzig to Wiesenburg, connects 28 art pieces with the beautiful landscape of the Hohe Fläming. The samples are leftovers of artist competitions from the years 2007 and 2010. You can choose between the northern route (19.5km/12.1mi, 6-7h) going through Hagelberg, and the much shorter southern route (16.7km/10.4mi, 5-6h). A combination of both routes is also possible.

Northern Route

Start at the square in front of the train station (Bahnhofsplatz), where an information board about the international art hiking trail is placed. This one is marked with a yellow-white logo in a white rectangle. The path first leads along the Bahnhofsstraße up to the bridge, then passes the tracks and Object 15 (axis mundi). Following a small meadow path on the right, you get back to Bahnhofsstraße, passing the Sächsische Postmeilensäule (Saxon post milestone) further to Burg Eisenhardt (castle).

After a short detour to the late Gothic Briccius chapel from the 14th century, hike on around the castle, passing Object 13 (chronometric relief) and Object 14 (white woman). The tour carries on along picturesque swamp meadows to the B246 following the signposts of the hiking trail. It continues on a forest path, passing Object 9 (stone snake), Object 10 (the hunt) and Object 11 (under the pines).

In the little town of Hagelberg, you continue straight forward on the Hauptstraße, then, leaving the town, walk on the meadows until you get to the turn-off. The regular route circumvents the Hagelberg mountain, which is the highest mountain of the German federal state of Brandenburg with 201m (659ft) of altitude. It is worth going on a detour to the peak of the mountain: put down your name in the summit guestbook, take a photo in front of the summit cross, and afterwards continue on the next leg of the international art hiking tour.

Passing various art objects, such as Object 8 (a waterfall for Fläming), you get to Schmerwitz. Follow the signposts up to the castle and at the next larger junction carry on towards Schlamau. After passing Object 7 (metamorphosis between wonder points), the hike continues on serpentine trails through the ice age formations “Rummeln” up to Schlamau. 

After crossing the town, the tour continues through hills that were formed by terminal moraines. This way you get to see Object 4 (“Findling”). Walk towards the palace in Wiesenburg until you reach the train station through a landscape park, where you will also find Object 2 (about love and senses) as well as Object 1 (gate to Fläming).

The tour can also be hiked the other way around, via the southern route or combining both routes. 

Suitable for dogs
Sturdy shoes necessary
Eating options available

Where to eat

Along the hiking path, there are lots of pubs, inns and lodges, such as the palace pub “Zur Remise” in Wiesenburg/ Mark or the café “Flämingrose” in Borne. The “Töpfer-Café” is also very recommendable.

Interesting facts

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  • You're traveling a distance of 12 miles on this easy trail. The average length of all hikes in Brandenburg is 27 miles.
  • The trail is one of the dog friendly hikes in the region.
  • Make sure to bring sturdy footwear on this track. Hiking boots are highly recommended. There are places to buy beverages and food along the track. However it’s always recommended to bring enough water and food along with you.

Highlights of the tour

A special highlight of the tour is definitely Object 17, an art installation by the artist Silke De Bolle. “(K)uier(en) – Spazierengehen” (Dutsch and German for “going for a walk”) consists of speckled cow udders on a meadow and is in fact a pun deriving from the Dutch words for going for a walk, “kuieren”, and for udder, “Uier”. The artwork is reminiscent of the settlers in Fläming as well as their cultural technique and agricultural machinery.


Southern route

From the train station in Wiesenburg, you hike towards the lake in front of the palace passing the Schlossstraße. This is where the northern and southern route of the international art hiking tour divide.

On the southern route, keeping to the right, you pass Object 16 (chapel) and get directly to the curious Object 17 ((K)uier(en) – going for a walk). On the way out of town, there is a path leading straight through fields and meadows.

A bit off the route, you find Object 18 (wolves) placed. Having arrived at the forest, you pass Object 19 (porcelain tree) and Object 20 (inactive bridge). Out of the forest, there is a connecting path (via Klein-Glien) to the northern route. At this point, you can see Object 28 (world gate in the Hohe Fläming).

If you want to continue on the southern route, you will have to follow the cobbled road until you arrive in Bone. Hiking through bushes up to the railway embankment, the tour takes you along the rail line back to the forest. Object 23 (five cubes) is a fantastic contrast to the surrounding landscape, an installation made of iron scrap, which illustrates the settlement history of the increasingly less populated Fläming. In a sweep, the hiking tour leads further to the Kreisstraße, past Object 25 (garden image) to the right, and finally continuing to Bad Belzig.

In the vicinity of Object 27 (spheres), which is just behind an allotment garden area, the northern and southern route merge together and lead towards Burg Eisenhardt (castle). Passing Object 15 (axis mundi) you then arrive at the train station of Bad Belzig.


Solid footwear is recommendable.

Getting here

By car

  • Getting to Bad Belzig: Take A9 (exit Niemegk), then B107 to Bad Belzig.
  • Getting to Wiesenburg: Take A9 (exit Niemegk or Köselitz), then B102 to Wiesenburg. Car parks are available close to the respective train stations.

Public transport

The rail line RE 7 (Berlin Hbf – Dessau) connects start and destination of the hike.


Bad Belzig
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