Bike Trail Lenggries – Jachenau – Walchensee – Sylvensteinsee in the Tölzer Land: Position on map

Webcams along the Bike Trail Lenggries – Jachenau – Walchensee – Sylvensteinsee

Lenggries – Jachenau – Walchensee – Sylvensteinsee
Lenggries-Brauneck: Bayern Hütte
Elevation: 4399.6 ft
Enjoy the panoramic view from the terrace of the BayernHütte at Brauneck in Lenggries.
5 hours ago
Karwendel Mittenwald - Church
Elevation: 3011.8 ft
View over the roofs of Mittenwald from the local church. The ski resort Karwendel Mittenwald is not far from here.
5 hours ago
Brauneck Lenggries Top Station
Elevation: 4727.7 ft
This webcam is located at Tölzer Hütte near Brauneck Lenggries.
5 hours ago
Tourist Information Krün
Elevation: 2870.7 ft
The webcam is located at the rooftop of the tourist information of Krün near Mittenwald.
5 hours ago
Elevation: 3225.1 ft
Enjoy the view from the mountain hut Maxhütte in Wallgau towards the Karwendel and the Wetterstein mountains.
5 hours ago
Hotel Kranzbach
Elevation: 3366.1 ft
Check out the hotel and spa Das Kranzbach near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
6 days ago
Mittenwald Panoramic view
Elevation: 3175.9 ft
Enjoy the panoramic view from the Kranzberg chair lift over Mittenwald towards the Alpine World Karwendel.
5 hours ago
Webcam Isar in Bad Tölz
Elevation: 2119.4 ft
This webcam is located at the Isar in Bad Tölz. The Isar is a river in Tyrol and Bavaria and is more than 290 kilometers long.
temporarily unavailable
Marienbrunnen - Bad Tölz
Elevation: 2132.5 ft
Have a look at Marienbrunnen in the city of Bad Tölz in Bavaria.
5 hours ago
Bad Tölz - Kalvarienberg
Elevation: 2309.7 ft
From top of the Kalvarienberg you look down to the city of Bad Tölz and to the river Isar.
5 hours ago
Bad Tölz - Marktstraße
Elevation: 2198.2 ft
This webcam is located in Bad Tölz in Bavaria in the district of Bad Tolz-Wolfratshausen. You can see the Marktstraße where the Tölzer...
5 hours ago
Brauneck, Self-catering cottage
Elevation: 5187 ft
Enjoy the view of Brauneck and the self-catering cottage at Idealhang.
5 hours ago
Upper Bavaria: Ohlstadt Airfiedl
Elevation: 2149 ft
Enjoy your look at Ohlstadt Airfield.
temporarily unavailable
Top station Karwendelbahn
Elevation: 7139.1 ft
Located at the top station of Karwendelbahn you can spot the town of Mittenwald. Furthermore you view in a northwesterly direction the surrounding...
5 hours ago
Streidlhang slope, Brauneck
Elevation: 2365.5 ft
Here you can spot Streidlhang slope at ski resort Brauneck in the south of Bavaria.
5 hours ago
Herzogstand: View Lake Kochel
Elevation: 5278.9 ft
Enjoy the view of Kochelsee in the Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. The webcam is located at mountain Herzogstand.
4 hours ago
Lake Kochelsee
Elevation: 1961.9 ft
Located in Kochel am See the webcam is looking south towards the lake Kochelsee and the mountain Herzogstand.
5 hours ago
Lake Walchensee: View Hotel Karwendelblick
Elevation: 2755.9 ft
Enjoy the view from the hotel Karwendelblick towards the lake Walchensee in Bavaria.
5 hours ago
Tegernseer Hut - Southern View
Elevation: 4383.2 ft
5 hours ago
Herzogstand - Lake Walchensee
Elevation: 4527.6 ft
Located at the mountain Herzogstand the webcam is looking south towards the lake Walchensee and the Karwendel mountain range.
5 hours ago
Lake Kochelsee - Upper Bavaria
Elevation: 4494.8 ft
Enjoy the view from the mountain Herzogstand. The webcam is looking north towards the lake Kochelsee.
5 hours ago
Panoramic View Blomberg
Elevation: 3789.4 ft
Live-Cam located on Blomberg, a mountain in Bavaria near Bad Tölz.
4 hours ago
Mountain station Brauneck
Elevation: 4822.8 ft
This webcam looks upon the top station Brauneck in Lenggries, the valley as well as the surrounding mountain-scape.
4 hours ago
Kochel am See: Lakefront
Elevation: 1961.9 ft
Webcam located at Hotel 'Grauer Bär' in Kochel am See.
temporarily unavailable
Benediktenwand (Bavaria)
Elevation: 4960.6 ft
Enjoy the view to Benediktbeuern.
5 hours ago
Blomberghaus (Bavaria)
Elevation: 3694.2 ft
Enjoy the view of the Blomberghaus.
5 hours ago
Blomberglift (Bavaria)
Elevation: 2450.8 ft
View of Chair Lift Blomberg near Bad Tölz.
5 hours ago
Blomberg (Bavaria)
Elevation: 2463.9 ft
Have a look at Blomberg's base station.
5 hours ago
lake Walchensee, mount Herzogstand
Elevation: 4875.3 ft
Here you can see lake Walchensee from mount Herzogstand
temporarily unavailable
mountain station chairlift "Gaistal", "Ehrwalder Alm"
Elevation: 3077.4 ft
You can see the view from the mountain station of chairlift "Gaistal"
5 hours ago
Golf Course in Ehrwald
Elevation: 3172.6 ft
Here you can see the golf course at Tiroler Zugspitze.
4 hours ago
Tiroler Zugspitzbahn Top Station
Elevation: 9475.1 ft
This webcam looks down from the top station of Tiroler Zugspitzbahn.
4 hours ago
View of Ehrwalder Alm
Elevation: 4891.7 ft
View of the mountain-scape surrounding Ehrwalder Alm
4 hours ago
Parking lot Luttensee (1.058 m)
Elevation: 3477.7 ft
Have a look at the parking lot close to Luttensee.
temporarily unavailable
Peppi's Schiglu (1.058 m)
Elevation: 3976.4 ft
Have a look at Peppi's Schiglu close to the lake Luttensee.
temporarily unavailable
Beginners' lift / Luttensee
Elevation: 3395.7 ft
Take a look at the beginners' lift at Kranzberg.
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 3359.6 ft
Webcam stationed at the lift Luttensee close to the eponymous lake
temporarily unavailable
Stiealm alp
Elevation: 4806.4 ft
Located at the top station of Zirkuslift you can spot the Stiealm alp on the Idealhang.
temporarily unavailable
View on Draxlhang ski run
Elevation: 2398.3 ft
Located at skiing school Lenggries you can look towards the ski slope "Draxlhang"
temporarily unavailable

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Webcam Information

  • Around the Bike Trail Lenggries – Jachenau – Walchensee – Sylvensteinsee, there are 39 webcams. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 6 live streaming webcams, 6 panoramic webcams und 27 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Tiroler Zugspitzbahn Top Station) is situated 2888 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Kochel am See: Lakefront) is situated 598 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Bike Trail Lenggries – Jachenau – Walchensee – Sylvensteinsee's vicinity: Lenggries-Brauneck: Bayern Hütte.
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