Spa Salztal Paradies Bad Sachsa in the Harz: Position on map

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Salztal Paradies Bad Sachsa
Braunlage - Wurmberg Alm
Elevation: 3126.6 ft
The webcam is located on the Wurmberg Alm near Braunlage in the Harz mountains and offers a nice panoramic view. Among other things, you can see...
4 hours ago
St. Andrerasberg - Matthias-Schmidt-Berg
Elevation: 1984.9 ft
The camera looks from the Harz-BnB Werkmeister in Sankt Andreasberg south to the Alberti lifts at Matthias-Schmidt-Berg. In winter the lifts are...
5 hours ago
Schierke - Multifunctional Arena
Elevation: 1991.5 ft
View of the futuristic roof of the Schierker Feuerstein Arena in Schierke am Brocken. The multifunctional arena is located at the Kurpark.
5 hours ago
Webcam Schierke near Brocken
Elevation: 2034.1 ft
This webcam is located at Schierke near mount Brocken.
5 hours ago
Sportklause at Matthias-Schmidt-Berg
Elevation: 1814.3 ft
Webcam gives you an overview of the ski resort Matthias-Schmidt-Berg in Lower Saxony, Germany.
4 hours ago
Hohegeiß-Braunlage: Panorama view
Elevation: 2017.7 ft
4 hours ago
Braunlage - City Centre
Elevation: 1883.2 ft
Enjoy your view of the inner city of the german town Braunlage, known for it's Nationalpark and Ski Resort.
4 hours ago
Villa Clara - Altenau
Elevation: 1574.8 ft
Impressions from the Harz, the highest mountain range in Northern Germany. Webcam shows you the village of Altenau.
temporarily unavailable
Village Osterode
Elevation: 774.3 ft
This webcam is positioned at the church spire of the village Osterode in Saxony-Anhalt.
4 hours ago
Upper Harzstraße in Lerbach, Harz
Elevation: 1223.8 ft
At Lerbach, there is this webcam with a nice view at the surrounding region.
4 hours ago
town hall, Schierke at mount Brocken
Elevation: 2001.3 ft
Here you can see the outlook from the town hall in Schierke
4 hours ago
Top station at Wurmberg mountain
Elevation: 3123.4 ft
At the top of Wurmberg mountain you can view direction Bergsee/Achtermann.
temporarily unavailable
Wurmberg mountain
Elevation: 3152.9 ft
Located at the top of Wurmberg mountain you view direction north on Brocken mountain.
4 hours ago
Braunlage - Mountain station of Hexenexpress
Elevation: 3169.3 ft
Here you can see the mountain station of Hexenexpress and the mountain hut Wurmberg-Alm.
5 hours ago
Valley station Hexenexpress
Elevation: 2880.6 ft
Located at the valley station of Hexenexpress you can view the ski slope Hexenritt
4 hours ago
Hexenritt mountain restaurant
Elevation: 2864.2 ft
Here you can spot the ski lift "Hexenlift" and the mountain restaurant "Hexenritt-Alm".
4 hours ago
St. Andreasberg: former town hall
Elevation: 2086.6 ft
Your view of the former town hall of St. Andreasberg
temporarily unavailable
St Andreasberg valley station
Elevation: 1883.2 ft
4 hours ago
Herzberg Market Square
Elevation: 794 ft
Have a look at the Herzberg market square in the south of Lower Saxony, Germany.
temporarily unavailable
The Ravensberg near Bad Sachsa
Elevation: 2142.4 ft
This webcam is located at the base of the Ravensberg, few meters in the North of Bad Sachsa.
temporarily unavailable

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Webcam Information

  • 20 webcams are located near the Spa Salztal Paradies Bad Sachsa. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 3 live streaming webcams, one panoramic webcam und 16 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Braunlage - Mountain station of Hexenexpress) is situated 966 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Village Osterode) is situated 236 metres above sea level.
  • According to its visits, the webcam Schierke - Multifunctional Arena is the most popular one in the vicinity.
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