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Top Destinations: 5 Attractions in Bratislava

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last update on Jan 23, 2024

Its vibrant nightlife paired with historical and modern architectural masterpieces are what makes Bratislava a city well worth a visit. The gorgeous old town as well as its bars, cafes and museums charm visitors from around the world. We've found the five best sights that make the Slovakian capital the perfect destination for your next city trip:

Bratislava Castle

Towering above the city, Bratislava Castle is one of the city's oldest landmarks.
© Fotoquelle: / Towering above the city, Bratislava Castle is one of the city's oldest landmarks.

The best way to start your journey around Bratislava is by looking at it from 85 meters (280 feet) above. A visit to Bratislava Castle offers both a great view of the city and some fascinating historical background knowledge. Archaeological findings have proven that humans started settling on the castle's mountain as early as the Stone Ages due to its tactically favorable position. The Romanesque castle was built in the 13th century, later being expanded and rebuilt several times.

Discover archaeological artifacts in the treasure chamber and the city's history from medieval times until today in the museum. Castle festivals, theater plays, organ concerts and many other events take place here during the summer. Authentic Slovakian cuisine is served in the castle's restaurant.

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Blue Church St Elizabeth (Modry Kostolik)

The church's striking blue color makes it unique.
© Fotoquelle: und The church's striking blue color makes it unique.

Built in the Hungarian Jugendstil, St Elizabeth's church certainly stands out among the surrounding buildings. With its blue color, majolica mosaics and oriental elements, you might feel a little bit like Alice in wonderland the first time you see it. Inside, visitors can observe its high arch, Roman-style pillars and a number of paintings. The church, constructed by Ödön Lechner in 1913, is among Slovakia's most beautiful sacral buildings.

>> More information about the Blue Church St Elizabeth

SNP Bridge Bratislava & UFO Tower

The UFO tower overlooking the SNP bridge offers a fantastic view of the city.
© Fotoquelle: und The UFO tower overlooking the SNP bridge offers a fantastic view of the city.

The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Most SNP) is one of last century's most significant constructions. Taking a walk across the 450-meter (1480-foot) long suspension bridge, you will be able to observe its asymmetric cable architecture. The tower with the UFO-shaped platform at the end of the bridge is the city's highlight. Daring visitors can go on a Skywalk here, letting themselves down on ropes from a height of 100 meters (328 feet). This nerve-racking adventure offers wonderful views of the Danube river, Bratislava Castle and the Slovakian Parliament.

The less adventurous can watch the skywalkers from the tower's restaurant while enjoying top-quality international, Mediterranean and even Asian cuisine. For those arriving later at night, two bars offer cocktails with the best view in town.

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Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

The museum is built on a peninsula in the Danube river.
© The museum is built on a peninsula in the Danube river.

Fans of modern art won't want to miss out on the Danubian Meulensteen Art Museum. Located only 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Bratislava, the museum is home to changing exhibitions from nationally and internationally renowned artists like Joan Miró, Sam Francis or Vladimír Popovič.

After admiring the exhibits inside, take a stroll around the sculpture park. Even the museum's roof can be explored, offering a nice view of the Danube river surrounding the peninsula.

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Christmas markets in Bratislava

Bratislava's squares light up during Christmas time.
© Fotoquelle: / Bratislava's squares light up during Christmas time.

Around Christmas time, the smell of poppy seed strudel and chestnut puree hangs in the air at the squares of Hlavné, Františkánske and Hviezdoslavovo námestie. Enjoy the festive atmosphere with a Hriatô (a Slovakian Christmas aperitif) or a cup of mulled wine from the local winemaker.

The Christmas market also offers the opportunity for ice skating, a fun activity for guests of all ages. Christmas music, local handcraft and national delicacies all make the Christmas markets in Bratislava a wonderful experience.

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More Highlights

Castles, palaces, museums – the region around Bratislava has a lot to offer. Check out what else there is to see and do:

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