Tourist Attraction Harz charcoal burning Stemberghaus near Hasselfelde in Harz (Saxony-Anhalt): Position on map

Harz charcoal burning Stemberghaus near Hasselfelde

Harz charcoal burning Stemberghaus near...
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last update on Feb 14, 2023
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Foto: Daniela Wallner

Visitors to the Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus are introduced to the elaborate traditional craft of charcoal burning. The complex includes the following five areas:

In the production of the Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus, about 50 tons of charcoal per year are still produced in the traditional way. The complex procedure can be observed in the Harz charcoal plant, and in group events you can even help yourself.

The adjoining charcoal-making museum documents the traditional charcoal production in the Harz Mountains and shows the reality of life of the former charcoal burners.

In the charcoal burner shop you can buy one of the popular souvenirs such as "liquid charcoal", a 50% herbal schnapps, charcoal burner tea or various souvenirs.

The Köhlerweg is a section of the famous Harzer-Hexenstieg. It leads through twelve stations where you can learn more about the charcoal burners and the life of the Harz charcoal burners.

If you got hungry after so much tradition and history, you should stop at the charcoal burner's hut (daily 9 to 18 o'clock). The rustic hut with its rustic outdoor area serves, among other things, the traditional charcoal burner pot, a very tasty pea stew, and of course the already mentioned liquid charcoal. In addition, events and activities take place here regularly. For example, the charcoal burner festival takes place every year on the 1st weekend in August, the vintage car meeting on 1st May and the charcoal burner Christmas on the Advent weekends.

Historical Information

Foto: Daniela Wallner

Charcoal burning was one of the typical crafts in the Harz Mountains. While charcoal production in the region was abandoned long ago, it is still being run by the Harz charcoal maker Stemberghaus, primarily in order to familiarise visitors with the elaborate traditional craft and the former reality of life of charcoal burners.

How to get there

By public transport:

The Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus can be easily reached by public transport. Overnight guests from the region around Stolberg and the Harz district receive the Harz holiday ticket HATIX when checking into the hotel. This means that all public buses can be used free of charge.

From Blankenburg, for example, the bus line 261 stops at the Stemberghaus, from Wernigerode you can take the bus line 265.


Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus
Stemberghaus 1
Phone+49 39459 72254
Fax+49 39459 73899
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