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Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum

Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum
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A visitor magnet on Usedom is the Historisch-Technische Museum Peenemünde. Between 1936 and 1945, the former Army Experimental Station was one of the most modern technology centres in the world. In 1942, the world's first launch of a rocket into space took place here. Aggregat 4" reached a flight altitude of 84.5 metres - a milestone for space travel.

However, a milestone with a dark side: A4 was only developed for the purpose of transporting an approximately 1 tonne warhead. The construction of the then ultra-modern test facility was only possible thanks to the war plans and the financial resources provided by the National Socialists. Thousands of concentration camp prisoners and prisoners of war were forced to work for the war in Peenemünde and at the other mass production sites. After an air raid by the Royal Air Force on Peenemünde in the summer of 1943, the rockets were only produced in an underground factory located in the Kohnstein massif near Nordhausen. The Dora concentration camp with 40000 prisoners was set up especially for this purpose. The weapons produced there and used in England, France and Belgium killed thousands of people.

All later developments in the field of missile construction were based on the A4 technology developed in Peenemünde. After the war, rocket parts, plans and the knowledge of German experts were used for the rocket projects of the Allied victorious powers. Especially in the Cold War, when there was an arms race between the former. USSR and the USA, long-range missiles received a central importance. Based on the findings from Peenemünde, historical events such as the first satellite in space, the first man in space and the moon landing could take place.


On 5000 square metres of exhibition space, visitors to the museum can see original parts and documents, newspaper interviews and models. The exhibition not only deals with historical events and the development of space technology, but also provides food for thought on very topical issues. Among other things, it deals with the role of missiles in modern arms policy and the question of who actually has power over such weapons.

The power station of the research institutes, which was opened in 1942 and is Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's largest industrial monument, can also be visited. The focus of the exhibition there is on the period immediately after the end of the Second World War, as well as the economic and energy policy of the GDR.

Very interesting is also the monument landscape Peenemünde, a 22km long circular path starting from the museum on the approx. 25 square km large area of the experimental stations, which is littered with military ruins. However, a large part of the area is not accessible to the public because it is loaded with ammunition.

With its many different themes and aspects, the Historisch-Technische Museum Peenemünde is an exciting destination for young and old. It is also particularly suitable for school excursions, as knowledge is prepared in an interesting and descriptive way.

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The museum is located on Bahnhofstraße. You can reach her via the L264.

Parking spaces are available at the museum.


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