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Monastery Melk

Monastery Melk
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© Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider

The unique combination of baroque ecclesiastical architecture and the stunning natural setting make the monastery Melk definitely worth a visit when travelling along the Danube.

This monastery is a beacon of Austrian architecture and is known as a European gem for all lovers of baroque architecture. The European baroque period has produced numerous magnificent edifices of any kind. These buildings are worth a closer look as their walls are decorated with detailed frescos. Ever since it was constructed, monks have been living here from the Order of Benedict, which is the reason why there is a special atmosphere here.

The particular history of the monastery is explained and visualised in its very own museum on-site. The so-called Kaiserstiege (imperial stairs) and the emperor's room with its adjacent ceremonial rooms, the huge Marmorsaal (marble hall) as well as the library are some special highlights the monastery offers to name only a few. One can enjoy a fantastic view being up here at the monastery. Especially in summer, one can see most of the Danube valley from the huge altane (roof-terrace). In addition, there is a wonderful park, which is so lovely kept in shape and well-designed. It is freely accessible to the public from May until October, inviting for an extra class of a walk. Within the park, one finds a pavilion kept in baroque style as well as the so-called “speaking stones”. Walking on the Benediktusweg, the path of St. Benedict, and being in the Paradiesgärtlein (small paradise garden) makes one feel the Benedictine spirit.

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How to get there

© Donau Niederösterreich / Robert Herbst

By car

It doesn't matter, whether you want to travel here from the western or eastern direction. Either way, by using the A1 motorway and taking the exit Melk one will get here easily via the federal highways B1 or B33 (Wachauer-Bundesstraße, right Danube side).

Coming from the north, one gets here taking the B3/ B3a crossing the Danube bridge (left Danube side). A detailed description of how to get here and a map are available on the website of the monastery. From the car park you get to the monastery by either using the stairs or the path directly passing the monastery's restaurant.

By train

By using the Austrian railway service ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – Austrian Federal Railways), one needs to get off at the train station Melk. Visitors have the chance to order a special reduced combination ticket covering the costs for both railway service and monastery admission fee.

On foot

Once you arrive at the train station in Melk, walking to the monastery takes one via the Bahnhofstraße, Bahngasse, Rathausplatz, Sechsergasse and Stiftsweg. It is only a 10-15 minutes walk.

By ship

You can come here by ship buying a ticket for one of the ships operating on the Danube stretch Melk-Krems. Here, too, you can obtain a combination ticket with a reduced price covering both the ship tour and the entrance fee for the museum.

As the pier is in one arm of the Danube, the monastery can easily be reached on foot upon arrival. Just start walking down the Pionierstraße, then follow the route: Räcking, Kremserstraße, Hauptstraße, Rathausplatz, Sechsergasse and Stiftsweg. All in all, it is a 25 minutes walk to the monastery.

In case the pier is located at the main stream and you get off at Kolomaniau, the walking distance is slightly longer and adds up to 30 minutes, passing the following route: Rollfährerstraße, Hubbrücke, Kremserstraße, Hauptstraße, Rathausplatz, Sechsergasse and Stiftstweg. You can opt for a taxi from here as well if the route seems too long and time-consuming to walk.


By bike

Along both the left and the right riversides of the Danube, one can ride to the monastery by bike. Parking stalls for bicycles and lockers are provided at the small car park adjacent to the monastery.


Stift Melk
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