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Fontana di Trevi

Trevi Fountain
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The front view of the Trevi Fountain
CC BY 3.0   Diliff The front view of the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is the largest well in Rome and the probably best-known fountain in the world. With its 50m (55yd) of width and 26m (28yd) of height it definitely is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome.

The name of the fountain is probably derived from the fact that the aqueduct is supplied by three springs. Another explanation might be the fact that the fountain was built in the vicinity of a junction connecting three roads. The fountain symbolises the danger of natural forces man is exposed to. The main figure of the fountain is Oceanus, god of the oceans.

The fountain originally was the end of an aqueduct, which was built to supply the Roman thermal spas with water. In 1732 Pope Clement XII ordered the construction of the splendid fountain, which was modelled on the façade of the Palazzo Poli. Due to financial troubles and the rather pernickety way of the architect Nicola Salvi to work, the fountain had not been completed before 1762.

Throw in a coin

It is a custom to throw in a coin over one's right shoulder when passing by the Trevi Fountain. This way the city of Rome earns an extra million Euro a year. This little donation means one will return to the city in the future. In case one throws in two coins, one will surely fall in love with an Italian. Throwing in three coins is a definite sign for becoming a future spouse of an Italian. All coins being collected from the fountain are donated to Caritas, Catholic charitable services.

The Trevi Fountain is open to the public 24/7. 

Interesting facts

How to get there

On foot

The Trevi Fountain is located on the square “Piazza Trevi”, opposite the Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio church. It is easily reachable on foot from the Spanish Steps.

By bus

You can get here by bus, but there is no bus stop directly in front of the fountain. You will need to walk here form the nearest stop.


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