Bike Trail Tour around the mountain of the wild emperor Wilder Kaiser: Position on map

Webcams along the Bike Trail Tour around the mountain of the wild emperor

Tour around the mountain of the wild emperor
St. Johann in Tyrol - Main Place
Elevation: 2168.6 ft
View of the main place in St. Johann/Tyrol.
6 hours ago
Kufstein Fortress
Elevation: 1689.6 ft
View to the famous Kufstein Fortress.
6 hours ago
Moserberg Mountain Kössen
Elevation: 2381.9 ft
From Moserberg mountain in Kössen, this webcam overlooks the surrounding Alpine landscape.
4 hours ago
Kitzbühel - Hornköpfl Reservoir Pond
Elevation: 5479 ft
This webcam overlooks Hornköpfl reservoir pond as well as the Alps around Kitzbühel.
4 hours ago
Bichlalm (Kitzbühel)
Elevation: 5085.3 ft
From Bichlalm lift's top station, this webcam provides a great view over the Alpine landscape around Kitzbühel.
4 hours ago
Ochsalm - Kirchberg Kitzbühel
Elevation: 4950.8 ft
Here you can see Ochsalm in Kirchberg near Kitzbühel.
4 hours ago
Ellmi Chair Lift - Ellmau
Elevation: 4622.7 ft
View over the Alps from Ellmi chair lift in Ellmau at the ski and hiking region of Brixental.
4 hours ago
Brixen im Thale: Salvenberg Mountain
Elevation: 3399 ft
The webcam on Salvenberg mountain in Brixen im Thale shows the surrounding mountains of Brixental (Brixen valley).
temporarily unavailable
View to Sachrang
Elevation: 2450.8 ft
This webcam is located in Sachrang.
temporarily unavailable
Schwemm Moorland by Lake Walchsee
Elevation: 2165.4 ft
You can see the moorland Schwemm at Lake Walchsee, the largest moor landscape in North Tyrol.
4 hours ago
Hochrieshütte - View to the south
Elevation: 5052.5 ft
Enjoy the view from Hochrieshütte to Kufstein and the Kaisergebirge in the south.
6 hours ago
Hochries - View to the northeast
Elevation: 5082 ft
The webcam is located at Hochries and offers a great view to the northeast to the Riesenberg and the Kampenwand.
6 hours ago
Hochsöll Gondola
Elevation: 3773 ft
Here you can see the view from Hochsöll gondola's top station in Söll am Wilden Kaiser.
4 hours ago
Panoramic view SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Westendorf
Elevation: 3077.4 ft
Panorama over Westendorf village in the resort SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser.
4 hours ago
Panorama Kitzbühel - Hotel Schloss Lebenberg
Elevation: 2742.8 ft
Panoramic view of Kitzbühel from Hotel Schloss Lebenberg.
temporarily unavailable
View of the Astberg in SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser
Elevation: 4153.5 ft
Panoramic view over the Astberg in the skiresort SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser.
5 hours ago
Kaiser Mountains Kufstein
Elevation: 4133.9 ft
The webcam is located at the mountain cabin Weinbergerhaus in the Kaiser Mountains near Kufstein.
2 days ago
Kitzbüheler Hornköpfl - Tyrol
Elevation: 5744.8 ft
Enjoy the view of Kitzbühel from top of the Kitzbüheler Horn. It's one of the most important mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps in Tyrol.
4 hours ago
Bichalm Kitzbühel
Elevation: 5128 ft
This webcam is located at the top station of the chair lift Bichlalm. You can see the restaurant BichlAlm and the city of Kitzbühel with the...
4 hours ago
Outlook from mountain hut Wuhrsteinalm in Schleching
Elevation: 4701.4 ft
Enjoy the view from mountain hut Wuhrsteinalm in Schleching (Upper Bavaria) towards the surrounding mountain peaks.
temporarily unavailable
Reit im Winkl, Chiemgau
Elevation: 2342.5 ft
Panorama view of the small village Reit im Winkl and the Alps of Chiemgau.
4 hours ago
Golf course Reit im Winkl-Kössen
Elevation: 2582 ft
You can see Reit im Winkl/Koessen golf course in the Kaiserwinkl Region.
5 hours ago
Walchsee in Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol
Elevation: 2158.8 ft
Located near the Camping Seespitz this webcam faces Walchsee, Unterberghorn (1.773m), Ebersberg (1.164m), Heuberg (1.603m) and Kaisergebirge in...
4 hours ago
Webcam Kössen Kids' Area
Elevation: 2044 ft
Beautiful view of ski resort Kössen in Tyrol; the webcam is located at the kids' area.
4 hours ago
Lake Jochstub'n-See, Scheffau
Elevation: 5452.8 ft
You can see lake Jochstub'n-See in Scheffau
5 hours ago
Top station Jochbahn, Brixen im Thale
Elevation: 5492.1 ft
Here you can see the view from Jochbahn's top station in Brixen im Thale.
4 hours ago
Soell, Tyrol
Elevation: 2299.9 ft
Here you can see Soell in Tyrol
4 hours ago
Going at mountain range Wilder Kaiser, Tyrol
Elevation: 2723.1 ft
Here you can see Going at mountain range Wilder Kaiser in the region of Kitzbühel.
5 hours ago
Ellmau, mountain range Wilder Kaiser
Elevation: 2805.1 ft
Here you can see Ellmau and the mountain range Wilder Kaiser.
5 hours ago
Middle station Soell, Tyrol
Elevation: 3746.7 ft
Here you can see the outlook from middle station Soell
4 hours ago
Brandenberg Alps: Pendling mountain hut
Elevation: 4678.5 ft
Located at Pendling mountain hut you look in a northwesterly direction.
5 hours ago
Hochries mountain hut, southeast of Rosenheim
Elevation: 4924.5 ft
Located at Hochries mountain hut you face west.
5 hours ago
Pendling mountain hut near Kufstein
Elevation: 4983.6 ft
Located at Pendling mountain hut (Brandenberg Alps) you can view direction the mountain range of Kaisergebirge.
5 hours ago
Gaisberg base station near Kirchberg
Elevation: 2752.6 ft
Located at base station Gaisberg you can look direction mountain
temporarily unavailable
Mountain station Walde, Kitzbühel
Elevation: 5472.4 ft
Located at mountain station Walde you can view direction valley.
5 hours ago
Gaisberg mountain station
Elevation: 4137.1 ft
Located at Gaisberg top station you can view over the valley and the town of Kirchberg
5 hours ago
Kössen and the Kaisergebirge
Elevation: 1958.7 ft
Here you can see Kössen and the Kaisergebirge (Tyrol, Österreich).
temporarily unavailable
Middle Station "Zahmer Kaiser"
Elevation: 2762.5 ft
View from middle station of "Zahmer Kaiser" in Tyrolean holiday region Kaiserwinkl. In summer, the alpine slide and the amusementpark are popular...
temporarily unavailable
Base Station "Zahmer Kaiser"
Elevation: 2306.4 ft
View from base station of "Zahmer Kaiser" in Tyrol, Austria.
temporarily unavailable
St. Johann, Tyrol, Austria
Elevation: 2165.4 ft
Located at Hotel St. Johanner Hof you view direction Wilder Kaiser mountain.
temporarily unavailable
St. Johann, Tyrol
Elevation: 2231 ft
Located at Hotel Sonnleitn in St. Johann you can spot the Wilder Kaiser mountain.
9 minutes ago
Top Station Wagstätt
Elevation: 5741.5 ft
Located at Wurzhöhe, Jochberg this webcam shows the top station of Wagstätt.
4 hours ago
View to Kaisergebirge
Elevation: 6965.2 ft
Webcam ski resort thiersee-mitterland
5 hours ago
Kaelbersalve, Brixen im Thale
Elevation: 3717.2 ft
Here you can see the outlook from Kaelbersalve in Brixen im Thale
temporarily unavailable
Blindau / Reit im Winkl
Elevation: 2276.9 ft
The Webcam shows you the lifts Benz Eck in Blindau, a district of Reit im Winkl
3 hours ago
View of Reit im Winkl
Elevation: 2283.5 ft
Have a look at the center of Reit im Winkl with the catholic church St. Pankratius
temporarily unavailable
Kössen ski resort: Unterberghorn
Elevation: 4836 ft
Enjoy the view from Unterberghorn mountain in Kössen.
4 hours ago
Lake Walchsee in Tyrol
Elevation: 3395.7 ft
Enjoy the stunning view from the mountain station towards Lake Walchsee in holiday region Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol.
temporarily unavailable
Oberaudorf Hocheck ski resort: base station
Elevation: 2634.5 ft
This webcam shows the base station at Oberaudorf Hocheck ski resort
temporarily unavailable
Oberaudorf - Wandergebiet
Elevation: 2657.5 ft
Live pictures from the slopes at the ski area Oberaudorf. In summer this reagion is a popular hiking area.
4 hours ago
Oberaudorf Hocheck ski resort
Elevation: 2624.7 ft
Enjoy the view from Hocheck mountain (800 m) in Oberaudorf.
4 hours ago
Peak of Hohe Salve
Elevation: 6079.4 ft
Enjoy the view from the mountain Hohe Salve towards the valley and the town Hopfgarten.
4 hours ago
Top Station Hartkaiserbahn, Ellmau
Elevation: 5019.7 ft
Here you can see top station of Hartkaiserbahn in Ellmau.
4 hours ago
Top Station Gondola, Brixen im Thale
Elevation: 4265.1 ft
View from the top station of the gondola in Brixen im Thale.
4 hours ago
Brandlstadl Restaurant, Scheffau
Elevation: 5413.4 ft
Here you can see Scheffau at the mountain range Wilder Kaiser as well as the restaurant Brandstadl.
3 hours ago
Kitzbühel: View Top Station Hahnenkamm
Elevation: 5462.6 ft
This webcam shows you the view of the mountain hut Walde at Hahnenkamm mountain
4 hours ago
Pengelstein - Kitzbühel
Elevation: 6364.8 ft
View over the stations of Pengelstein lifts in Kitzbühel.
4 hours ago
Summit of Kitzbüheler Horn Mountain
Elevation: 5839.9 ft
Enjoy the view on Kitzbüheler Horn mountain
4 hours ago
Panoramic view of the Kitzbüheler Horn
Elevation: 6171.3 ft
Panoramic view of the Kitzbüheler Horn from northwest.
5 hours ago

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Webcam Information

  • 60 webcams are located close to the Bike Trail Tour around the mountain of the wild emperor. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 19 live streaming webcams, 14 panoramic webcams und 27 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (View to Kaisergebirge) is located at an altitude of 2123 metres, while the lowest one (Kufstein Fortress) is situated at an altitude of 515 metres.
  • Most popular and most viewed/visited webcam: Kufstein Fortress.
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