Hike Europaweg Zermatt - Grächen with Suspension Bridge in Zermatt: Position on map

Webcams around the Hike Europaweg Zermatt - Grächen with Suspension Bridge (Zermatt)

Europaweg Zermatt - Grächen with Suspension Bridge
Rothorn in Zermatt
Elevation: 10036.1 ft
This webcam shows the view from Unterrothorn in Zermatt. You can see Restaurant Rothorn as well as the surrounding mountains. Rothorn mountain...
15 minutes ago
Zermatt: Sunnegga Paradise
Elevation: 7427.8 ft
This webcam is located at Sunnegga near Zermatt in the Swiss canton Valais. You can see the Matterhorn, one of the highest mountains in the Alps,...
6 minutes ago
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise in Zermatt
Elevation: 12395 ft
View from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise viewing platform. Here at the peak of Klein Matterhorn you get a unique view of the Alps of the Valais.
13 minutes ago
Saas-Fee (Mittelallalin)
Elevation: 11322.2 ft
This webcam on Mittelallalin, a minor summit below Allalinhorn in Saas-Fee shows the local restaurant. From there you have a great view of the...
8 minutes ago
Grächen - Bärgji chair lift
Elevation: 5439.6 ft
Your view from the base station of the Bärgji chair lift north of Grächen in Switzerland.
temporarily unavailable
Egga - Grächen
Elevation: 5383.9 ft
The webcam is located in Egga in the north of Grächen and is looking south.
4 hours ago
Grächen - View of the church
Elevation: 5308.4 ft
Have a look at the church of Grächen in the Canton of Valais.
4 hours ago
Grächen - south
Elevation: 5459.3 ft
View from the south-east of Grchen up towards Mt. Seetalhorn.
4 hours ago
Saas Fee - Glacier
Elevation: 9353.7 ft
Located at the Längfluh mountain hut the webcam is looking east towards the glacier of Saas Fee.
10 minutes ago
Saas Fee - Längfluh south
Elevation: 9452.1 ft
The webcam at the mountain hut Längfluh near Saas Fee is looking south towards Mt. Allalinhorn.
4 hours ago
Längfluh - View towards Saas-Grund
Elevation: 9452.1 ft
Enjoy the view from the mountain hut Längfluh looking north towards Saas-Grund.
4 hours ago
Grächen: Top station Stafel-Seetalhorn
Elevation: 9393 ft
Have a look at the top station of the chair lift Stafel-Seetalhorn at Grächen.
4 hours ago
St. Niklaus Village
Elevation: 3602.4 ft
Your view of the village of St. Niklaus, which is located south-west of Grächen.
4 hours ago
Visperterminen - Chair lift
Elevation: 4580.1 ft
The webcam is located at the base station of the chair lift in Visperterminen in the Canton of Valais.
4 hours ago
Gornergrat Kulm Zermatt
Elevation: 10154.2 ft
Panorama view from the top of the Gornergrat-Bahn.
10 minutes ago
Riffelberg Panorama Zermatt
Elevation: 8431.8 ft
This webcam shows the view from Riffelberg to the Matterhorn.
16 minutes ago
Grächen - South-West: Weisshorn
Elevation: 5364.2 ft
Enjoy the view to Weisshorn from Grächen in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland.
4 hours ago
Zermatt - Plateau Rosá
Elevation: 10794 ft
Have a look at Plateau Rosá located between Italy and Switzerland
1 hour ago
School of Randa, Oberes Mattertal
Elevation: 4731 ft
Have a look at Randa in Switzerland, you can spot Breithorn and Mettelhorn in the back
temporarily unavailable
Golfplatz Täsch/ Randa
Elevation: 4649 ft
Have a look towards Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn
5 hours ago
Zermatt - Spiss
Elevation: 5239.5 ft
Spot Zermatt in Switzerland, in the background Klein Matterhorn and Matterhorn
1 hour ago
Zermatt Village
Elevation: 5305.1 ft
Have a look at the centre of Zermatt, Switzerland.
5 hours ago
Heliport Zermatt
Elevation: 5351.1 ft
View from the heliport Zermatt.
1 hour ago
Cemetery Zermatt
Elevation: 5295.3 ft
View to the cemetery Zermatt.
6 hours ago
Elevation: 8559.7 ft
6 hours ago
Elevation: 7404.9 ft
Panorama view from Sunnegga/ Zermatt.
4 hours ago
Panoramic view from Rothorn
Elevation: 10036.1 ft
View of mountain restaurant Rothorn.
4 hours ago
Panoramic view Hannig Mountain
Elevation: 7545.9 ft
Webcam located at Hannig Mountain in Saas-Fee.
35 minutes ago
Längfluh Saas-Fee
Elevation: 9347.1 ft
Panoramic view of Fee Glacier from top station Längfluhbahn.
8 minutes ago
View Mountain Restaurant Mittelallalin
Elevation: 11302.5 ft
Panoramic view of mountain restaurant Mittelallalin in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.
10 minutes ago
Matterhorn View
Elevation: 5295.3 ft
Hotel Allalin in the center of Zermatt.
6 hours ago
Kleinmatterhorn Zermatt
Elevation: 12444.2 ft
View from the Kleinmatterhorn to Italy.
4 hours ago
glacier "Riedgletscher" in Valais
Elevation: 8248 ft
Here you can see glacier "Riedgletscher" in Valais
temporarily unavailable
Panoramic view, Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 3116.8 ft
Here you have a panoramic view to Grächen in Valais
temporarily unavailable
Grächen, Niedergrächen
Elevation: 4816.3 ft
Here you can See Niedergrächen, part of Grächen
temporarily unavailable
panoramic view Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 5311.7 ft
Here you have a panoramic view of Grächen in Valais
temporarily unavailable
Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 5708.7 ft
Here you can see the village Grächen with gondola "Hannigbahn"
temporarily unavailable
gondola "Hannigbahn", Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 5337.9 ft
Here you can see the gondola up to "Hannigalp"
temporarily unavailable
north "Hannigalp", Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 6902.9 ft
Here you can see north "Hannigalp" in Grächen
temporarily unavailable
south "Hannigalp", Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 6932.4 ft
Here you can see south "Hannigalp"
temporarily unavailable
Kids park, ski resort "Grächen"
Elevation: 6633.9 ft
In Winter kids learn how to ski at kids park "SiSu"
temporarily unavailable
t-bar "Paradiesli", Grächen
Elevation: 7227.7 ft
In Winter here runs the "Paradiesli" t-bar at ski resort "Grächen"
temporarily unavailable
Grächen, restaurant "Piazza"
Elevation: 5383.9 ft
Here you can see restaurant "Piazza" in Grächen
temporarily unavailable
Grächen, bar Woodstock
Elevation: 5380.6 ft
Here you look from restaurant Woodstock in Grächen into the village
temporarily unavailable
Panoramic view from Riffelberg 2582m
Elevation: 8467.8 ft
Top of Riffelberg.
16 minutes ago
Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 6975.1 ft
You can see the view to Furggen west at Grächen
temporarily unavailable
south Furggen, Grächen in Valais
Elevation: 6968.5 ft
You can see south Furggen in Grächen
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 7034.1 ft
This webcam shows Findeln in the Sunnegga ski resort.
temporarily unavailable
Restaurant Ginals, Valais
Elevation: 6719.2 ft
Here you can see the outlook from Restaurant Ginals in Unterbäch
1 hour ago
alp Moosalp, Bürchen
Elevation: 6706 ft
Here you can see the outlook from alp Moosalp
3 hours ago
Elevation: 9645.7 ft
Mountain view from Seetalhorn (2864m)
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 8461.3 ft
Panoramic view from Riffelberg 2582m
37 minutes ago
Aroleid Zermatt
Elevation: 7821.5 ft
Aroleid in the ski area of Zermatt Schwarzsee.
37 minutes ago
Zermatt Matterhorn
Elevation: 5465.9 ft
Matterhorn View
temporarily unavailable
Zermatt Railway station
Elevation: 5292 ft
Zermatt Railway station
5 hours ago
Zermatt Church
Elevation: 5324.8 ft
This webcam shows the church in Zermatt.
5 hours ago

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  • 56 webcams are located near the Hike Europaweg Zermatt - Grächen with Suspension Bridge. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 6 live streaming webcams, 5 panoramic webcams und 45 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Kleinmatterhorn Zermatt) is situated 3793 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Panoramic view, Grächen in Valais) is situated 950 metres above sea level.
  • According to its visits, the webcam Rothorn in Zermatt is the most popular one in the vicinity.
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