Tourist Attraction Butterfly farm Trassenheide on the Isle Usedom: Position on map

Webcams near the Tourist Attraction Butterfly farm Trassenheide

Butterfly farm Trassenheide
Beach of Usedom, near Trassenheide and Karlshagen
Elevation: 36.1 ft
This webcam is located at the island of Usedom near the towns of Trassenheide and Karlshagen.
5 hours ago
Beach of Zinnowitz/Trassenheide at the Baltic Sea
Elevation: 9.8 ft
View in a south east directon towards the beach close to Zinnowitz and Trassenheide at the island Usedom.
5 hours ago
Beach Promenade at Trassenheide - Usedom
Elevation: 29.5 ft
Located at the beach promenade near the City of Trassenheide at the Island of Usedom, this webcam shows another view at the Baltic Sea. The sandy...
5 hours ago
Playground Trassenheide
Elevation: 39.4 ft
The webcam shows the playground at Trassenheide beach.
7 hours ago
Marina of Karlshagen
Elevation: 3.3 ft
View to the marina at Karlshagen village, Usedom.
5 hours ago
North east view Karlshagen beach
Elevation: 19.7 ft
You see Karlshagen beach at the popular holiday destination Usedom.
temporarily unavailable
View to beach Karlshagen
Elevation: 9.8 ft
The webcam is situated at Karlshagen beach at the Baltic Sea Island of Usedom.
5 hours ago
Zempin beach
Elevation: 26.2 ft
The webcam is located at the beach of Zempin on the island Usedom.
temporarily unavailable

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Webcam Information

  • There are 8 webcams dotted around the Tourist Attraction Butterfly farm Trassenheide.
  • The highest webcam (Playground Trassenheide) is located at an altitude of 12 metres, while the lowest one (Marina of Karlshagen) is situated at an altitude of 1 metres.
  • Most popular and most viewed/visited webcam: Marina of Karlshagen.
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