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Swiss Holiday Park has much to offer for young and for old. It is the ideal destination for a family daytrip. The 210m² large indoors as well as the...
4 Pools
2 Saunas
3 h CHF20
43 °F
One of the most precious buildings in the Canton of Schwyz is the manor Ital Reding-Hofstatt. It is also one of the museums that can be visited with...
Adult CHF5
43 °F
A central venue of meeting of the monastery community is the baroque abbey. Five times a day monks come together here for a mutual prayer and to celebrate the Holy Mass. Many pilgrims...
39 °F
At a length of 1,3km, the alpine slide Fräkigaudi at Pilatus in Hergiswil is Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run. Making its way down the valley...
Adult CHF8
Child CHF6
Sen. CHF8
8 miles
4 h
min. 3602.4 ft
max. 5715.2 ft
34 °F
2 miles
2.5 h
min. 5669.3 ft
max. 6217.2 ft
34 °F
6 miles
4.5 h
min. 1692.9 ft
max. 6227 ft
34 °F
Lake Lauerzersee lies between the Rigi and Mythen massifs in the municipalities of Lauerz Schwyz and Steinen. The lake, which is 3 kilometres long and a maximum of...
1 Day CHF5
36 °F
72 °F
The Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz is one of the most important museums in the Alpine region and is the central Swiss seat of the Swiss National Museum....
Adult CHF10
43 °F
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