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Roman Villa Borg Perl-Borg

Roman Villa Borg
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A view from the pond at Roman Villa Borg
© Archäologiepark Römische Villa Borg A view from the pond at Roman Villa Borg

Roman Villa Borg

If you want to explore the world of Ancient Rome in an interactive and exciting way, visit Villa Borg on the edge of the German federal state Saarland. In the city of Perl-Borg, you can may find beautiful replicas of buildings and gardens modelled on original Roman architecture. The impressive Villa is located in the city centre, and contains its own spa, enlarged seminar rooms and even an old Roman tavern, surrounded by a splendid garden. The overall impression will give the visitors an authentic image of the life Roman nobility used to have in the past.

The Museum

On-site, there is an integrated museum, which contains samples dating back 2000 years, presenting authentic Roman history. Some of the samples were found here through archaeological excavations. In the rooms, modelled on originals, everything has been placed very carefully, from Roman cups to jewellery, reconstructing the lifestyle of the ancient Roman upper class.

The Gardens

In the courtyard of the villa, you have the chance to visit the colourful gardens, containing an impressive range of various types of flowers, several herb beds and many beautiful roses. And if you feel like it, you can even try a Roman bath in the replica of a Roman spa, which can be rented by visitors.

The tavern

After a combination of history and relaxation, you'll probably be starving. A visit to the tavern might come in handy, as it offers traditional Roman food. The ingredients were partially taken from the very own gardens and cooked using Roman recipes. At Villa Borg, even the food is part of the ancient Roman experience.

Interesting facts

How to get there

By car

Coming from Cologne, take motorway A1 until Trier, where you change onto the B51, which takes you to Mettlach via Saarbrücken. Continue on the L176 for 2km (1.25mi), then change onto the L177, leading straight to Perl-Borg.

Coming from Karlsruhe, take motorway A5 towards Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken. Leaving the A5, continue on the A8 in direction of Luxembourg. Take the exit at Mettlach and carry on towards Villa Borg as described above.

From Luxembourg, both motorways A8 and E29 lead to Borg.


Rundflug über das Areal der Römischen... | 01:32
Historic museum Roman villa Borg.
Reconstruction of a Roman Villa in Borg, Rheinland-Pfaltz...


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