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Sauerland Visitor Mine in Ramsbeck

Sauerland Visitor Mine in Ramsbeck
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last update on May 10, 2022
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In the visitor mine you can learn about mining technology.
©Sauerländer Besucherbergwerk / In the visitor mine you can learn about mining technology.

In the past, zinc ores, lead and some silver were mined in the Sauerland visitor mine - today, visitors to Ramsbeck learn about the working conditions of that time. On site, interested visitors are offered a guided tour through the visitor mine, a visit to the mining museum or a walk along the mining hiking trail.

The Visitor Mine

The temperature in the mine is between eight and ten degrees all year round. Therefore, you should definitely take a jacket and warm clothes with you. It is also advisable to book an appointment online in advance.

First, all visitors are equipped with a helmet. Then the ride on the electric mine train into the disused ore mine begins. The journey takes about one and a half kilometres into the mine. When you reach the end, you are about 300 metres underground. This is where the guided tour begins. The technology and machines of mining are shown, and the resounding noise is demonstrated.

The Museum of Mining

The mining museum is located in the original administration and chewing building. Here you can see not only the director's old desk, but also the workers' changing room and washroom. The exhibition uses original tools and machines to tell all about the miners' working methods.

Mining Hiking Trail

The mining trail is an eleven-kilometre circular route. It starts directly at the large car park of the visitor mine. The trail is not only scenically beautiful, but also provides a wealth of information about mining in Ramsbeck with a total of 41 information boards.


Historical Information

The electric mine train takes you about one and a half kilometres deep into the mountain.
©Sauerländer Besucherbergwerk / The electric mine train takes you about one and a half kilometres deep into the mountain.

The mining history in Ramsbeck probably spans a total of around 800 years. The first confirmed ore mining took place in 1518. During the industrialization in the 19th century, a lot was invested and expanded. However, the high construction costs could not be earned. Later, it turns out that the plan was a pure stock scam. The result was huge debts for Ramsbeck. In the coming years of the 20th century, the mine's operations were stopped and restarted several times. In 1974, the mine was finally closed to the workers. Since then, the mine and a museum can be visited by visitors.

Interesting facts

How to get there

The Sauerland visitor mine in Ramsbeck is easy to reach by car, public transport and bicycle.

  • There is a large car park next to the museum
  • The bus stop directly in front of the visitor mine is called "Ramsbeck-Ziegelwiese". The journey times can be found here.
  • There is also a cycle path called "Am Bähnchen" from Betwig to Ramsbeck. This is directly connected to the "RuhrtalRadweg".


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Sauerländer Besucherbergwerk Ramsbeck
Glück-Auf-Straße 3
Bestwig - Ramsbeck
+49 (0)2905-250
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