Hike Lechweg trail - Stage 7: Waengle - Fuessen in the Allgäu: Position on map

Webcams around the Hike Lechweg trail - Stage 7: Waengle - Fuessen (Allgäu)

Lechweg trail - Stage 7: Waengle - Fuessen
Schwangau: View to the Tegelberg
Elevation: 2611.5 ft
View to the Tegelberg mountain from Schwangau village.
4 hours ago
View from the Hotel Sommer (Allgäu)
Elevation: 2575.5 ft
The webcam is located on the roof of the Hotel Sommer near Füssen in the Allgäu.
4 hours ago
Hohenschwangau Castle
Elevation: 2739.5 ft
View from Hohenschwangau Castle. The webcam shows the Castle Neuschwanstein and the Museum of Bavarian Kings.
4 hours ago
Füssen: Ludwigs Festspielhaus Theatre
Elevation: 2572.2 ft
The webcam looks upon the gardens of Ludwigs Festspielhaus, a theatre in Füssen.
5 hours ago
High Palace in Füssen
Elevation: 2637.8 ft
View of High Palace in Füssen. Webcam is located at Hotel Hirsch.
5 hours ago
Füssen: Lech
Elevation: 2637.8 ft
View of the lake Lech in Füssen. The webcam is located at Bad Faulenbach.
4 hours ago
Seehotel Hartung at Hopfensee
Elevation: 2565.6 ft
Here you can see the lake Hopfensee from the Seehotel Hartung. You can go for a walk or ride your bicycle around the lake. Not far from the hotel...
temporarily unavailable
Hopfensee - View to Neuschwanstein Castle
Elevation: 2719.8 ft
The webcam is located at Biohotel Eggensberger. From here you have a great panorama view of the Hopfensee and the surrounding region. In the...
4 hours ago
Boutique Hotel at Weissensee
Elevation: 2621.4 ft
The Webcam is located at the Boutique Hotel Dreimäderlhaus at Weissensee near Füssen. Have a look at the lake with a wonderful mountain panorama...
20 hours ago
Campsite Hopfensee
Elevation: 2582 ft
Have a look at the campsite at Hopfensee with the beautiful mountain panorama in the background.
4 hours ago
Camsite at Hopfensee
Elevation: 2578.7 ft
The webcam is located at the campsite at Hopfensee. In the background you can see the lake and the wonderful mountain panorama.
4 hours ago
Weissensee near Füssen
Elevation: 2621.4 ft
Have a look at lake Weissensee near Füssen. The Webcam is located at the Appartmenthotel Seespitz.
4 hours ago
Hopfensee: View from Restaurant Fischerhütte
Elevation: 2578.7 ft
Have a look at lake Hopfensee and the mountains in the background. The webcam is located at the restaurant Fischerhütte.
temporarily unavailable
Lake Forggen - View from vacation home Kinker
Elevation: 2969.2 ft
From the vacation home Kinker in Ussenburg you can spot the northeast bank of lake Forggen and the Allgäu Alps in Bavaria, Germany.
4 hours ago
Lake Forggen - View from farm Stögerhof
Elevation: 2792 ft
View from farm Stögerhof towards village Rieden and lake Forggen in the region Allgäu, Bavaria. Furthermore, one can spot the mountains Säuling...
4 hours ago
Lake Forggen, south bank and village Schwangau
Elevation: 2568.9 ft
The webcam offers you the view towards the south bank of lake Forggen in Allggäu, Bavaria. Furthermore, you can spot the church and the church...
temporarily unavailable
Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein
Elevation: 2601.7 ft
Looking south-east towards the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.
3 hours ago
Rosshaupten: Salenberghof
Elevation: 2696.9 ft
The webcam is located at Salenberghof and shows Lake Forggensee, Allgäu.
6 hours ago
Tegelberg - Landing place
Elevation: 2673.9 ft
Have a look at the Falkenlift at Tegelberg mountain in Germany
4 hours ago
Plansee, Reutte
Elevation: 3438.3 ft
The webcam shows Lake Plansee in the holiday region Tyrol from the west part of the lake.
6 hours ago
Top station of the Buchenbergbahn
Elevation: 3740.2 ft
Have a look at the Bergbahn's exit on 1140 meters.
temporarily unavailable
Reutte: Weißenbach Panorama
Elevation: 2919.9 ft
Your view out of the hotel Florence in Weißenbach am Lech in the region of Reutte (Tyrol, Austria).
temporarily unavailable
Hahnenkamm mountain station
Elevation: 5649.6 ft
Live pictures from the upper station of Hahnenkamm mountain, Reutte in Tyrol.
6 hours ago
Reutte - Hahnenkamm
Elevation: 2893.7 ft
View to the Hahnenkamm area in Reutte/Tyrol.
4 days ago
"Laterndl Hof" hotel, lake Haldensee
Elevation: 3759.8 ft
From Hotel "Laterndl Hof" you can enjoy the view to Lake Haldensee in Tannheim valley region.
temporarily unavailable
Hoefen airport, Tyrol
Elevation: 2824.8 ft
Here you can see the view from the airport in Reutte-Hoefen in Tyrol, Austria.
6 hours ago
Panoramic sight of the Rohrkopfhütte
Elevation: 4245.4 ft
Enjoy the view of "Neuschwanstein" and "Hohenschwangau" castle from the Rohrkopf mountain hut
1 week ago
Eastern Allgäu: Tegelberg mountain hut
Elevation: 5406.8 ft
Enjoy the view of Tegelberghaus mountain hut over the eastern Allgäu. You can see the town of Füssen and Schwangau as well as lake Forggensee.
temporarily unavailable
base station of the "Tegelberg" (800 m)
Elevation: 2821.5 ft
The webcam shows you the Schwangau region from the Tegelbergbahn base station.
4 hours ago
Distant view of the mountain station Tegelberg
Elevation: 5675.9 ft
View over the Schwangau-Füssen region (top station Tegelbergbahn).
4 hours ago
"Tegelberg" mountain station - Branderschrofen view
Elevation: 5465.9 ft
The cam at the mountain station "Tegelberg" shows you the "Branderschrofen" peak
6 hours ago
North side of the Buchenbergalm
Elevation: 3441.6 ft
Check out the mountains around the Buchenbergalm.
temporarily unavailable
Buchenberg of Buching
Elevation: 2667.3 ft
Spot the Buchenberg.
temporarily unavailable
Allgäu: Buchenbergbahn
Elevation: 3461.3 ft
Live pictures from the mountain station of Buchenbergbahn, Allgäu.
temporarily unavailable
Füssener Jöchle - Top station
Elevation: 5885.8 ft
Have a look at the top station of the gondola Füssener Jöchle in Grän.
5 hours ago
Sonnalmbahn Top Station
Elevation: 5255.9 ft
From the top station of Sonnalmbahn you can look into the valley of Berwang.
5 hours ago
Base station Egghof Sunjet
Elevation: 4560.4 ft
Have a look at the chair lift Egghof Sunjet as well as the area around Hochalm in Bergwang.
5 hours ago

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