Hike Meadow Walker Path - Allgäu Hiking Trilogy in the Allgäu: Position on map

Webcams around the Hike Meadow Walker Path - Allgäu Hiking Trilogy (Allgäu)

Meadow Walker Path - Allgäu Hiking Trilogy
View Kranzegg
Elevation: 3310.4 ft
The webcam offers a beautiful view of the village Kranzegg and the Grünten mountain.
temporarily unavailable
Family Hotel Allgäuhaus Wertach
Elevation: 3005.2 ft
The webcam is located at the family hotel Allgäuhaus Wertach in the Oberallgäu and offers a view of the beautiful landscape.
2 hours ago
Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang: Sports Club Böck
Elevation: 4760.5 ft
This webcam is located at Sports Club Böck and shows a part of the ski resort Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang.
5 hours ago
Seeg (Allgäu)
Elevation: 2883.9 ft
The webcam looks over the town of Seeg, Honey Village at the Allgäu.
2 hours ago
Town Hall - Kempten
Elevation: 2198.2 ft
Enjoy a great view over the town hall square and the town hall in Kempten.
5 hours ago
Isny - Allgäu - View to St. Mary Church
Elevation: 2316.3 ft
From top of the Blaserturm tower in Isny you look to the southeast where you can see the St. Mary church.
5 hours ago
Schwärzenlifte Eschach - Oberallgäu - View to Gletschergumpen and Blender
Elevation: 3484.3 ft
Have a look at Gletschergumpen and Blender in Upper Allgäu. The webcam is located in the Schwärzenlifte Eschach ski resort.
5 hours ago
Haubers Alpenresort - View to the southwest
Elevation: 3031.5 ft
This webcam offers a great view southwest to Oberstaufen. It's located at a building of the Haubers Alpenresort.
5 hours ago
View to Hanusel Hof
Elevation: 3110.2 ft
Have a look at the family-managed Golf Hotel and Wellness Hotel Hanusel Hof in the beautiful Allgäu region.
5 hours ago
View Castle ruins Eisenberg
Elevation: 3287.4 ft
The webcam is located at the castle ruins Eisenberg near Pfronten in the Allgäu Alps. You can see the Zugspitze, lake Weißensee and the castle...
2 hours ago
View Buchenberg - Village
Elevation: 2897 ft
View of Buchenberg Center Village - Allgäu.
7 hours ago
View Buchenberg: Hotel Sommerau
Elevation: 2926.5 ft
Webcam located at Hotel Sommerau in Buchenberg.
6 hours ago
Panoramic view Mittelberg
Elevation: 3274.3 ft
Webcam lcoated at Mittelberg - Allgäu.
5 hours ago
View Missen Village
Elevation: 2942.9 ft
View of Missen. You can see the church of the small village.
5 hours ago
View Wilhams
Elevation: 2919.9 ft
Webcam located at the small village of Wilhalms (Allgäu).
temporarily unavailable
Wangen (Allgäu)
Elevation: 1988.2 ft
Located at the hill Berger Höhe the webcam is looking west towards Wangen (Allgäu).
5 hours ago
Motorhome Campsite Nesselwang
Elevation: 2933.1 ft
This webcam shows you the Motorhome Campsite of Nesselwang in Bavaria, Germany.
5 hours ago
Golf Club - Türkheim
Elevation: 2034.1 ft
Check out the golf park Ludwigsberg north of Türkheim in Bavaria.
3 hours ago
Museum of Mountain Farming in Allgäu
Elevation: 3494.1 ft
This webcam offers you the view from alpine hut “Höfleaple“ that is located in the open-air museum of mountain farming in Diepolz (Allgäu)...
53 minutes ago
Webcam Hotel Dein Engel near Oberstaufen
Elevation: 2644.4 ft
View of the Hotel 'Dein Engel' in Oberstaufen.
6 hours ago
View of Hotel Bergkristall
Elevation: 2703.4 ft
Located at the roof top of the hotel Bergkristall. The webcam shows a beautiful view of the landscape in the region Allgäu.
4 hours ago
Golf course Bad Wörishofen
Elevation: 2109.6 ft
Have a look at the golf course in Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu.
2 hours ago
Oberreute / Swabia
Elevation: 2752.6 ft
Check out the webcam located in the school at Oberreute. On the right sight you can spot the church St. Martin.
2 hours ago
Wiederhofen / Allgäu
Elevation: 3248 ft
Located at the village Wiederhofen you can enjoy the view towards Thalerhöhe (Allgäu).
1 hour ago
Located at guesthouse Bergwald you can see Scheidegg
Elevation: 2788.7 ft
Here you get the view of Scheidegg, located in the area of Allgäu
2 hours ago
Panorama Peak of Alpsitze - Berglodge
Elevation: 4727.7 ft
Located at the hotel Berglodge (1.500m), the webcam shows the peak of Alpspitze
5 hours ago
Schwandlift at Thalkirchdorf
Elevation: 2933.1 ft
Outlook towards the area around the lift "Schwandlift"
temporarily unavailable
Oberstaufen (district Ostallgäu)
Elevation: 2591.9 ft
The webcam shows the catholic church St. Peter und Paul at the towncenter.
5 hours ago
Have a look at the charming valley Wertach
Elevation: 3024.9 ft
Enjoy the view of the valley Wertach in the Western direction and you get to see Westen and Grünten
2 hours ago
Middle station Nesselwang
Elevation: 3687.7 ft
Located at the middle station of Nesselwang, you can see the slope "Wald-Abfahrt" and the lift "Alpspitz-Kombibahn 2"
2 hours ago
Skilifte Sinswang - view of the ski run
Elevation: 2614.8 ft
Have a look at the slopes of Sinswang in the south of Germany.
14 hours ago
Wilhams near Immenstadt (Allgäu)
Elevation: 2936.4 ft
Here you spot the hillslope behind the holiday park Oberallgäu in the village Wilhams (Bavaria). During wintertime, the slope is used for skiing.
temporarily unavailable
Mount Iberg, Maierhoefen
Elevation: 2952.8 ft
Here you can see mount Iberg in Maierhoefen
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 3264.4 ft
Have a look at the church St. Michael (which was built in the 8th century) in Mittelberg.
5 hours ago
Hopfen Stiefenhofen upper station
Elevation: 3129.9 ft
Have a look at Stiefenhofen in Bavaria
temporarily unavailable
Hopfen Stiefenhofen the slope
Elevation: 2910.1 ft
Check out the slopes of Hopfen-Stiefenhofen.
temporarily unavailable
Skiing Area, Isny
Elevation: 2378.6 ft
Here you can see the skiing area in Isny
7 hours ago
Stork's nest in Isny
Elevation: 2378.6 ft
Look at the storks on the roof of Isny's town hall
5 hours ago
Health resort Isny
Elevation: 2490.2 ft
Enjoy the view of Isny im Allgäu
5 hours ago
Thalerhöhe near Immenstadt
Elevation: 3090.6 ft
View at 1.166 meter high mountain „Thalerhöhe“ near the town Immenstadt in the region Allgäu (Germany).
temporarily unavailable
Oberstaufen in the region Allgäu
Elevation: 3385.8 ft
Seen from an eastern direction, you can look at the town of Oberstaufen.
6 hours ago
Webcam with the view of the Alpine restaurant Buron Stadl
Elevation: 2942.9 ft
Enjoy the view of the sun deck and the kids playground of the restauarant Buron Stadl
5 hours ago
Enjoy the panoama view of the ski trail and lift in Buron
Elevation: 2942.9 ft
Have a look at the big ski tow in the ski resort Buron
5 hours ago
Panorama view of the slope in Buchenberg
Elevation: 3320.2 ft
Here you get to enjoy the view of the run that is considered to be ideal for beginnners
8 hours ago

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  • 44 webcams are located near the Hike Meadow Walker Path - Allgäu Hiking Trilogy. The webcams fall into three groups, namely one live streaming webcam, 3 panoramic webcams und 40 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang: Sports Club Böck) is situated 1451 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Wangen (Allgäu)) is situated 606 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Hike Meadow Walker Path - Allgäu Hiking Trilogy's vicinity: Family Hotel Allgäuhaus Wertach.
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