Tourist Attraction Sababurg "Sleeping Beauty Castle" in North Hesse: Position on map

Sababurg "Sleeping Beauty Castle" Hofgeismar

Sababurg "Sleeping Beauty Castle"
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last update on Apr 5, 2024
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The Sleeping Beauty Castle is surrounded by a rose garden and lies in the middle of the Reinhard forest.
© Kassel Marketing GmbH | Fotograf: Patrick Baensch The Sleeping Beauty Castle is surrounded by a rose garden and lies in the middle of the Reinhard forest.

Sababurg Palace rises above the zoo of the same name in the middle of the Reinhard forest. The almost 700-year-old castle houses a romantic hotel, a restaurant, a café, and even a registry office. In 1987, it was the first place to get married outside a town hall in Germany.

In the inner courtyard of the castle and in the medieval vaulted cellar, there are regular performances, lectures, and concerts that take place. A special highlight of the complex is the historical castle garden, which was restored a few years ago. If you visit Sleeping Beauty Castle from the end of May to August, you can admire the beautiful rose blooming. The primeval forest nature reserve of Sababurg is located very close to the castle. On a walk you can admire the primeval forest biotope with its mighty 800 to 1000-year-old oak trees.

If you take part in one of the guided tours, you can find out a lot about the courtly life of bygone times and get to know the local fairy tail world by visiting "Dörnröschens Reich". During the winter months you can learn about the legends surrounding the Reinhard forest, the hunting lodge during its prime and its decay in the following years during an evening tour along illuminated lanterns.

The Hotel

In a romantic atmosphere you can even stay overnight at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg. Throughout the entire castle there are château canopies with historical flair and special antiques. The slightly larger rooms are particularly suitable for families. Highlight of the hotel are the semicircular tower-roofs with high ceilings and a canopy bed.

Since April 2018, the Sababurg is undergoing extensive renovation. During the renovation work the castle can only be visited to a limited extent.

Historical Information

The Bishopric of Mainz had Zappenburg castle built in 1334, in order to protect and guard pilgrims of the nearby pilgrimage site of Gottsbüren. From 1490 onwards, the "Zapfenburg" was converted into a magnificent hunting lodge and stud farm under Landgrave Wilhelm I. In the period after that, the building fell into ruin. Because of the long and high thorny hedge at the foot of the castle, the picturesque ruins were called Sleeping Beauty Castle, named after the Brothers Grimm fairy tail.

How to get there

From Kassel you take the B83 and after Hofgeismar turn right onto the K55, which you follow to Sababurg. Turn right and drive towards Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Coming from Göttingen, take the A7 to exit 75-Hann, Münden-Hedemunden and turn onto the B80. At Reinhardshagen turn left onto Obere Weserstraße. Take the L3229 and turn right. After approx. 7 km turn left and drive to Sababurg.


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Dornröschenschloss Sababurg
Im Reinhardswald
05671-766 499 90
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