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Ahlbeck pier Ostseebad Heringsdorf

Ahlbeck pier
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Ahlbeck's oldest pier and landmark

The sea bridge in Ahlbeck, known as the landmark of the Baltic Sea island, is the oldest of its kind in Germany.

Nowhere else can you stroll so wonderfully, let the sun shine in your face and breathe in the scent of the sea as on Usedom's "Old Lady". At the end of the jetty numerous excursion ships moor daily.

Other piers

But Ahlbeck is not the only place that can boast a pier: along the coast to Zinnowitz there are four more piers that extend into the Baltic Sea.

With 261m the shortest of them is located in Koserow. It consists completely of wood and was built in 1993. Although the village already had a pier before the Second World War, it was destroyed by ice masses in the winter of 1941, just like the Ahlbeck example.

Simple and elegant she presents the sea bridge built in 1994 in Bansin. Although there are no buildings or restaurants on the 285m long bridge, you can start from here for boat trips to nearby Poland or neighbouring islands.

The sea bridge in Zinnowitz, also known as the "Vineta Bridge", offers its visitors a special highlight: at the end of the 315m long jetty you can dive into the depths of the Baltic Sea with a diving gondola.

With its 508 metres, the sea bridge in Heringersdorf is Germany's longest sea bridge. Its predecessor, the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge, built in 1891, fell victim to arson in 1957. It was rebuilt in 1995 and attracts visitors with numerous tea, souvenir and clothing shops. In the restaurant you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Polish harbour and the sea to the full.

Historical Information

© Usedom Tourismus GmbH

In 1882 the Ahlbecker Seebrücke was built as a simple viewing platform with wooden superstructures intended for a stage and a restaurant. In 1898, this bridge was transformed into the Ahlbeck pier with a 170m long jetty. A little later the two wooden superstructures were joined and spanned with a canvas. In 1930 a wooden roof followed, which gave the bridge its present form. Due to large masses of ice, however, the pier, which reached into the sea, was destroyed in the winter of 1941 and was not rebuilt.

Originally white with a red roof and green turrets, the pier was painted completely brown during the GDR era. Their preservation was ensured from 1970 to 1973 with the replacement of the old wooden beams by steel beams. For his movie "Papa ante portas" Loriot had the bridge painted white again shortly after the fall of the Wall.

Also there is today, as at the time of origin again a restaurant as well as a jetty, which was again established in the year 1993 and measures 280m.


Seebrücke Ahlbeck
Ostseebad Heringsdorf
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