Tourist Attraction St. Bartholomew's Imperial Cathedral Frankfurt am Main in Frankfurt Rhein-Main: Position on map

St. Bartholomew's Imperial Cathedral Frankfurt am Main

St. Bartholomew's Imperial Cathedral...
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The tower of Frankfurt Cathedral is 95 metres high.
© #visitfrankfurt, Christoph Partsch The tower of Frankfurt Cathedral is 95 metres high.

The St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, also known as the Imperial Cathedral, is a historic landmark and a major attraction in the heart of the Old Town of Frankfurt am Main.

The interior of the cathedral is characterized mainly by its high Gothic windows, numerous sculptures, tombs of significant rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, and impressive altars. A special highlight for visitors is the observation platform, located at a height of 66 meters. However, to enjoy the view of the Frankfurt skyline, the Main's museum embankment, and the Old Town, one must first conquer 328 steps.

The history of the cathedral dates back to the year 822 when Louis the Pious built the palatine chapel. Later, between 1315 and 1358, the cathedral was erected on this foundation in the Gothic style. The Frankfurt Cathedral gained particular significance through the coronation of a total of ten German emperors and kings between 1562 and 1792, which is why it is also known as the Imperial Cathedral. Its name is also derived from the apostle Bartholomew, who is its patron saint.

In its history, the cathedral was destroyed twice – once during the Cathedral Fire of 1867 and again in a bombing raid in 1944. Today, the cathedral presents itself as a three-aisled hall church with a height of 95 meters. Of particular note is the cathedral bell, which, with almost 12 tons of weight, is the second-heaviest bell in Germany. In the neighbouring Cathedral Museum, interested individuals have the opportunity to become more familiar with the history of the cathedral.

How to get there

The St. Bartholomew's Cathedral is best reached by public transport. The suitable subway stop is "Dom/Römer." There is also a parking garage with the same name if you plan to arrive by car.


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Katholische Kirchengemeinde Dom St. Bartholomäus
Domplatz 14
Frankfurt am Main
Phone069 /29 70 32-0
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