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Strada della Forra
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Once you've made it to the top, even more of a thrill awaits you at the Terrazze del Brivido.
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0   © Jürgen Mangelsdorf Once you've made it to the top, even more of a thrill awaits you at the Terrazze del Brivido.

Strada della Forra (lit.: "Canyon Road") is one of the most famous roads at Lake Garda. Starting at Tremosine port, it leads up to an elevation of 350 metres. It goes all the way to the village of Pieve, where a few houses are lined up along the steep cliff. The way up from Lake Garda's banks is full of spectacular views. Strada della Forra goes through crevices and trenches, formerly carved by mountain torrent Brasa, making it a masterpiece of road planning.

If you venture onto this road by car, make sure you are able to handle it safely, or else you might break a bit of a sweat. In turn, you will be rewarded with unique views of Lake Garda. Once you have made it to the top, add a little more thrill by having a cup of cappuccino on one of the "Terrazze del Brivido" (lit.: terraces of shiver) at Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

Historical Information

A steep path used to connect Pieve to Tremosine port. The path was used to transport wood, coal, oil, and crops. Strada della Forra was planned by Arturo Cozzaglio in 1913. It was ordered by the pastor of Vesio, Giacomo Zanini.

How to get there

Follow SS45bis, leading along the west bank from Reiff at northern Lake Garda, until Tremosine port. You can then branch onto Strada della Forra, and follow it until Pieve.


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Pieve di Tremosine
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