Hike E5 Crossing The Alps: From Oberstdorf to Kemptner Hut in the Allgäu: Position on map

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E5 Crossing The Alps: From Oberstdorf to...
Bolsterlang - Top station Weiherkopf
Elevation: 5433.1 ft
The camera offers a great view from the top station of the Weiherkopf chairlift near Bolsterlang in Allgäu.
31 minutes ago
Bolsterlang - Weiherkopf Summit
Elevation: 5433.1 ft
Enjoy the panoramic view from the 1,665 meter high Weiherkopf near Bolsterlang. The village belongs to the Allgäu Hörnerdörfer.
31 minutes ago
Holzgau - View Market Place
Elevation: 3612.2 ft
5 hours ago
Kornau near Oberstdorf - View towards Nebelhorn
Elevation: 2995.4 ft
Enjoy the view from Oberstdorf-Kornau to the Nebelhorn, Schattenberg and Höfats.
temporarily unavailable
Kornau near Oberstdorf - View towards Söllereck
Elevation: 2995.4 ft
The camera is located in Oberstdorf Kornau and looks south to the Söllereck.
temporarily unavailable
Oberstdorf: Freibergsee Sunbathing Area
Elevation: 3093.8 ft
Webcam located at Lake Freibergsee near Oberstdorf. You can see the lawn at the sunbathing area.
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf: Möserbahn Top Station
Elevation: 6217.2 ft
From Möserbahn top station, this webcam shows Fellhorn mountain in Oberstdorf.
16 minutes ago
Oberstdorf - Ski Flying Hill - View to the Northeast
Elevation: 3280.8 ft
Enjoy the view from the top of the Ski Jumping Hill Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze in Oberstdorf. The webcam offers a great view over Freibergsee,...
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf Scheibenhaus Apartments
Elevation: 2680.4 ft
From the apartment Scheibenhaus on the southern outskirts of Oberstdorf you have a great view to the south to Kegelkopf, Kreuzeck and Fürschießer.
5 hours ago
Camping Site at river Iller in Sonthofen
Elevation: 2431.1 ft
From camping site at river Iller in the town Sonsthofen you look towards nature reserve Allgäu High Alps. Sonthofen is located in the region...
temporarily unavailable
South of Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2683.7 ft
Check out the view from Berktold Lodge in Oberstdorf towards Mt. Himmelschrofen.
3 hours ago
Gerstruben Allgäu
Elevation: 3759.8 ft
Located in Gerstruben at 1,160 meters above sea level the webcam is looking south-west towards Wildengundkopf.
temporarily unavailable
Oberstdorf ski-jumping hill
Elevation: 2824.8 ft
Check out the Heini-Klopfer ski-jumping hill next to lake Freibergsee in Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
Hotel Nebelhornblick
Elevation: 3133.2 ft
Located at the hotel Nebelhornblick in Kornau near Oberstdorf the webcam is looking east towards Mt. Nebelhorn.
5 hours ago
Nebelhorn and Rubihorn
Elevation: 2811.7 ft
Enjoy the view of Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf and the peaks of mount Rubihorn and mount Nebelhorn.
5 hours ago
Allgäu Coaster
Elevation: 3313.6 ft
Have a look at the start of the Allgäu Coaster in Oberstdorf and the base station of the gondola lift Söllereck.
3 minutes ago
Oberstdorf Wellness Clinic
Elevation: 2860.9 ft
Your view of the town of Oberstdorf. The webcam is located at the wellness clinic in Jauchen.
5 hours ago
Schöllang Rubihorn
Elevation: 2788.7 ft
Enjoy the view from Schöllang towards mount Rubihorn and Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
At the outskirts of Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2585.3 ft
Looking south from the entrance to Oberstdorf towards mount Himmelschroten.
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf Town Square
Elevation: 2687 ft
Your view of the marketplace and the church St. John in Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
St. John's Church Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2680.4 ft
You can see the spa park and the church St. John Baptist in Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf holiday apartment
Elevation: 2657.5 ft
Check out the view from the holiday apartment Residence: Am Fuggerpark in Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
Schüle's SPA Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2637.8 ft
Located at the hotel Schüle's Spa the webcam is looking south towards Oberstdorf meadows.
5 hours ago
Cross Country Stadium, Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2755.9 ft
Webcam located at Ried, a district of Oberstdorf. You can see the Cross Country Stadium.
5 hours ago
Ice Skating Center Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2703.4 ft
Webcam located at grand stand of Skating Center Oberstdorf with 3 modern ice rinks.
temporarily unavailable
Oberstdorf: Ski Jumping Area
Elevation: 3097.1 ft
Webcam located at ski jumping tower of Oberstdorf, Allgäu.
19 minutes ago
Holzgau center: Church
Elevation: 3625.3 ft
View of Guesthouse Bären and Church "Unserer lieben Frau Mariä Himmelfahrt" in the center of Holzgau village.
5 hours ago
Panoramic view Söllereck
Elevation: 4484.9 ft
Enjoy the view of the Allgäu Alps from the top station of Söllereck gondola lift.
5 hours ago
Guesthouse "Almenrausch"
Elevation: 3612.2 ft
The webcam is located at Almenrausch Guesthouse in the popular holiday region Kleinwalsertal.
5 hours ago
Waldhaus Restaurant
Elevation: 3225.1 ft
View to Restaurant Waldhaus in the holiday region Kleinwalsertal.
5 hours ago
Sonnenburg Hotel
Elevation: 3513.8 ft
From Hotel Sonnenburg you can enjoy the view towards Nebelhorn mountain.
4 hours ago
Cable car Nebelhorn station Seealpe
Elevation: 4160.1 ft
Webcam shows the intermediate station of Nebelhorn cable car at Seealpe in the german ski resort Nebelhorn.
5 hours ago
Fischen in the Allgäu, Tanneck Hotel
Elevation: 2703.4 ft
You can see the mountains Sonneköpfe, Entschenkopf, Nebelhorn and Rubihorn
temporarily unavailable
Fischen in the Allgäu, Kaserer Hotel
Elevation: 2591.9 ft
Here you can see mount Rubihorn and the alps
5 hours ago
Gasthof Sonnenburg / Riezlern
Elevation: 3500.7 ft
Panorama of the mountain scenery at Riezlern and the town
5 hours ago
Tourist Information Oberstdorf Haus
Elevation: 2657.5 ft
Located at the tourist information at Oberstdorf Haus, you can see in a southwest direction towards Söllereck
5 hours ago
Panorama view from the Nebelhorn
Elevation: 7217.8 ft
Panorama view from the Nebelhorn summit.
5 hours ago
View from the "Höfatsblick" mountain station down the valley
Elevation: 6305.8 ft
The webcam at the "Höfatsblick" station offers you a wide view of the surrounding peaks.
5 hours ago
Fellhornbahn top station
Elevation: 6328.7 ft
Located at the top station of Fellhornbahn you can view in a southeasterly direction.
5 hours ago
Middle station Hörnerbahn - Hexen-Stadl
Elevation: 4383.2 ft
Panorama at the middle station of the gondola "Hörnerbahn" - View towards the two-seater chair lift "Stuibeneckbahn" and the slopes
4 hours ago
Ofterschwang, finishing area worldcup slope
Elevation: 2913.4 ft
In Winter you can see the finishing area of the worldcup slope at the Ofterschwang ski resort
1 hour ago
chairlift "Jöchelspitzbahn" mountain station
Elevation: 5744.8 ft
Here you can see the view from the mountain station of chairlift "Jöchelspitzbahn"
5 hours ago
Mid-mountain station at Fellhorn
Elevation: 5790.7 ft
At an elevation of 1.780m you can see towards the sun deck of the mountain restaurant
5 hours ago
Hörnerbahn Bolsterlang
Elevation: 4891.7 ft
Located at the middle station of Hörnerbahn
5 hours ago
Panorama Mountains of Bolsterlang
Elevation: 4888.5 ft
The Mountain scenery of Bolsterlang - Panorama of the top station of the gondola Hörnerbahn
32 minutes ago
Top station Kanzelwand
Elevation: 6318.9 ft
Panorama at the top station of the gondola Kanzelwand towards the 2.058 m high peak of Kanzelwand
5 hours ago
Rosenstock Hotel, Fischen in the Allgäu
Elevation: 2526.2 ft
Here you can see Fischen, a locality in the Allgäu, from Rosenstock Hotel
temporarily unavailable
Kanzelwand at Kleinwalsertal Valley
Elevation: 6463.3 ft
Located at Kanzelwand / Fellhorn mountain you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sourrounding mountain-scape.
20 minutes ago
Funslope / Fellhorn
Elevation: 5885.8 ft
In the wintertimes you can see the funslope in the ski resort Fellhorn / Kanzelwand.
5 hours ago
Fellhornbahn - Top Station (1.967m)
Elevation: 6286.1 ft
Have a look at the upper station of Fellhornbahn - home to the information center "Bergschau 2037"
5 hours ago
Fellhorn - Top Station
Elevation: 6453.4 ft
The webcam shows the scenery surrounding the top station of Fellhornbahn in Oberstdorf in Bavaria.
23 minutes ago
View at Oberstdorf city
Elevation: 2874 ft
From the ski jump at Oberstdorf you have a great view of the city and the ski resort.
20 minutes ago
View from Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf
Elevation: 7296.6 ft
The live cam on Nebelhorn (Oberstdorf) shows the mountain panorama and the slopes below the peak.
15 minutes ago

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