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Europa-Park Theme Park & Resort Rust

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Poppy Towers let you soar up in the air and free fall back to earth. Ready to see the world from high above?
© Europa-Park Poppy Towers let you soar up in the air and free fall back to earth. Ready to see the world from high above?

Europa Park is a theme park in Rust, Germany (Baden-Württemberg). With more than 100 attractions, numerous rides, wonderful shows and exciting events, the park offers something for visitors of all ages. The action and adventure can be found in each of the 18 themed areas, which are modelled after different European countries. Thanks to its constantly changing and season-dependent highlights, the park is worth a visit at all times of the year. Plus, its five themed hotels make extended stays simple and convenient.

Adventure Land, ARTHUR and Voletarium

Adventure Land also offers scope for exploration – but also relaxation. Park visitors can unwind on the African Queen steamboat or survey the area on a raft. Century-old trees line the shore, while water lilies and biotopes float in the water.

ARTHUR –The Minimoys Kingdom offers visitors a change of perspective on a breath-taking new scale. Here, you enter the world of the small creatures found in the ARTHUR and the Invisibles trilogy. New to the Germany area, the Voletarium opened its doors in 2017. Visitors to Europa Park can look forward to a unique trip across Europe – where the dream of flying becomes a reality!

Children’s World and the countries of Europe

Even though the Ireland area is described as the “world of children”, adults will also find plenty to do here. The northern seascape, with its water, dunes, white sand and fishing boat, invites you to relax and linger – while the vista from the top of the lighthouse provides a bird’s eye view of the park.

Besides Ireland, there are 14 other countries to visit: Whether Germany, England, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia or Spain, Europa Park Rust is the place to be for fans of European culture and flair. Characteristic buildings, cultural ambience, specially tailored events and country-specific delicacies can be found in each of these themed areas.

The wild world of rollercoasters

Europa Park boasts a variety of rollercoasters – from the Alpenexpress rollercoasters to the Eurosat space adventure and the WODAN wooden roller coaster. Meanwhile, the ARTHUR and Pegasus rides were designed specifically with younger guests in mind. Those looking for a real rush of adrenaline should try the blue fire Megacoaster or the Silver Star. Visiting the park on a hot summer’s day? The Atlantica SuperSplash is guaranteed to provide you with some cool watery relief!

Halloween at Europa Park

A special highlight are the annual Halloween festivities at Europa Park. For about two weeks the park is decorated with pumpkins, straw bales, apples and much more. Goblins and vampires are wandering through the park, making their mischief. The show programme, the parade, restaurants and hotels as well as numerous attractions are also perfectly coordinated with the creepy festival.

Historical Information

Franz Mack of Mack Rides, the family-operated fairground and carousel construction business, was inspired to ​​open a theme park in 1972, following a business trip to the US. Initially, a suitable spot was found near Breisach, but the project failed due to conflicting plans from the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration. Though the park was not built there, Europa Park was named after Europa Lake near Breisach. Eventually, Mack heard about some old castle grounds in Rust and proceeded to purchase them and an adjacent fairy-tale park. The park opened in 1975 and was originally intended to serve as an exhibition centre for the business’ in-house products. 

Over the years, the park expanded – and it continues to do so today. The park is currently optimising the existing facilities as well as designing new attractions and themed areas. There are also plans to build another hotel to meet growing demand.

How to get there

Hop on the Swiss Bob Run and speed down a metal ice run.
© Europa-Park Hop on the Swiss Bob Run and speed down a metal ice run.

By car

From the North, take the highway A5 in direction to Basel, from the South take the the highway A5 in direction to Frankfurt. You exit at 57b "Rust".

By train and by bus

Take the bus 7231 at Ringsheim train station, which is considered as official train station to get to the amsuement park, and get off at the main entrance of Europa-Park and its hotels. 


Europa-Park 2017 - All Novelties | 11:36


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