Hike Medieval Sightseeing Walk in Chiusa/Klausen in the Eisacktal: Position on map

Hike Medieval Sightseeing Walk in Chiusa/Klausen

Medieval Sightseeing Walk in Chiusa/Klausen


Min: 1686 ft
Max: 1739 ft
Uphill: 128 ft
Downhill: 128 ft
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Distance: 0.97 miles
Duration:1 h
Loop trail
Start:Chiusa, Town Square (Piazza Mercato)
Min: 1686 ft
Max: 1739 ft
Uphill: 128 ft
Downhill: 128 ft

Trail characteristics


Route description

Creative Commons by-sa 3.0 de   © Oliver Abels (SBT)

A unique circular walk through Klausen

Even though the hike is only 1,6 kilometers (1 mi) long you should definitely plan more time for this one. The amount of sights and architecture you will be able to admire on this route will keep you occupied for a while. You will start your tour on the historic marketplace at the northern end of the city. You will walk up to the upper city where you will pass through the old town gate. Here, you can experience the historic flair of the city for the first time. Since this is the older district of Klausen, you will be walking mostly through smaller alleyways. This tour is the perfect way to discover the city up close and in all of its detail.

Along the Eisack River back to the Marketplace

Passing the parish church of Saint Andreas you turn right at the next intersection. Continuing on this road you will soon reach the town museum of Klausen. Since you are already walking in historically famous footsteps you should definitely stop at the museum. There you get to experience the history of the city in a new and fun way. After your stop at the museum you have to walk back a little bit on the way you came. Cross the street until you see the Färbergasse alley. This road will lead you past the parish church and onto the Eisackpromenade (riverside promenade). You can stroll down alongside the river and put a beautiful and relaxing finish to your exciting city tour. At the end of the promenade you will be at the marketplace right where you started.

Suitable for dogs
Suitable for kids
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Where to eat

Since your tour leads you through downtown Klausen you should come by lots of stores and restaurants where you can enjoy a cool drink or a delicious snack along the way.

Interesting facts

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  • You're traveling a distance of 1 mile on this easy trail. The hike is therefore not too long. Average length of all hikes in South Tyrol is 7 miles.
  • This easy hike is perfect for the whole family. The hike is also perfect if the kid’s wanna bring their dog on the trip. (See all dog friendly hikes in South Tyrol.)
  • Hiking boots are not required, but the hike might be more enjoyable with sturdy footwear (especially in wet conditions). If you get hungry along the way, there are places to rest and get food. Nevertheless it’s recommended to also have enough water and food in your backpack when hiking or biking.

Highlights of the tour

Creative Commons by-sa 3.0 de   © Oliver Abels (SBT)

This tour has all of Klausens most important highlights lined up for you. You will visit many different sights and special places on your city tour. If you are interested in the architecture and design of churches, you should stop by and enter the parish church of Saint Andreas. The construction of the building dates back to 1435 and represents the late Gothic area. In the course of the 18th century there were baroque elements added on the inside. You will be able to see the different periods depicted in the church. If you do visit the church, make sure you get a good look at the majestic altar and the tomb.


If you want to get the most of your tour, definitely stop by the town museum. You should reach the small building about halfway through your tour. Here you will go on a expedition discovering the old rooms of the former Capuchin Convent. An extra exhibition shows you the collection of the Spanish Queen Maria Anna. Among the display you will find something called the Loretoschatz (translated: Loreto Treasure) including very rare pieces of art. In addition, you will find creations of the so-called Klausner Künstlerkolonie (translated: Klausner Colony of Artists) from 1874 until 1914. The museum offers different special exhibitions all year round and is therefore always worth a visit.


Besides the church and the museum the city offers many other historically important buildings. Make sure you visit the crypt chapel and the old town hall! The city also has an episcopal toll house and a medieval town bridge tower. You will be standing and looking around in amazement more than actually walking.


If you are too overwhelmed by the history of Klausen, you can admire the beautiful nature surrounding the city on your tour as well. The barnyard Obergostnerhof lies directly on the Keschtnweg. You should walk past this farm a couple of times on your tour. Here the farmers still harvest fresh fruit and manufacture their own fruit spreads, juices and dried fruit. This farmyard offers a nice down-to-earth atmosphere and is the perfect place for a rest-stop. For a nice relaxing moment in the sun visit the sun plateau at the farm.


Creative Commons by-sa 3.0   © Piergiuliano Chesi

Of course you can design this city tour any way you want. The sights are just recommendations of what you should definitely see. You can add anything you want or make small detours into other beautiful alleys or parts of the city. The tour is a great way to experience the city but it is also recommended you discover Klausen on your own to really grasp the beauty and singularity of the village. People usually drive through this small town and miss out on the magnificent things that Klausen has to offer.


Since you are only walking through the city and on constructed road there is no need for special equipment or even sturdy footwear.

Getting here

By car

Starting in Sterzing

From the city center drive directly onto the Brennerautobahn (highway) A22 and follow the road for about 36 kilometers (22.4 mi). Leave the highway at the exit Klausen-Gröden. Then take the exit at the roundabout in the direction of Griesbruch (SS242d). Keep right and you will eventually reach Klausen.


Starting in Bruneck

Leave the city driving in the direction of St. Lorenz and Sonnenburg until you reach the ramp onto the SS49. Follow this street for about 26 kilometers (16.2 mi) and change at the next possible opportunity onto the Brennerautobahn (highway) A22. After another 15,5 kilometers (9.6 mi) exit the highway at Klausen-Gröden. Then take the exit at the roundabout in the direction of Griesbruch (SS242d). Keep right and you will eventually reach Klausen.


Starting in Bozen

Leave the city driving in southern direction and onto the SS12. This road will take you directly to the Brennerautobahn (highway) A22. Follow the road for 24 kilometers (15 mi) until the exit Klausen-Gröden. Then take the exit at the roundabout in the direction of Griesbruch (SS242d). Keep right and you will eventually reach Klausen.

Public transportation

Starting in Bozen you will take the train in the direction of Munich Central Station. Get off at the stop Fortezza. From there change at the Bologna Centrale Station on a train which will take you directly to Klausen. Starting in Sterzing you can also catch a train at Bologna Centrale Station all the way to Klausen.


Marktplatz Klausen
Phone(+39) 0472 802 232
Fax(+39) 0472 801 315
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