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Three countries - one lake. Situated in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Lake Constance is not just Germany's largest lake. With approximately 536 square kilometres surface area, it is also one of the biggest lakes of all of Europe ....
68 °F
57 °F
Museum Humpis Quarter is located in the historical centre of Ravensburg. It is one of the best-preserved medieval residential areas. In the 15th century,...
Adult €5
68 °F
Mainau, a place also aptly known as the “flower island” , draws some 1.2 million visitors to its shores every year. This unique and floral island exudes a...
Adult €21.50
Sen. €21.50
54 °F
14 miles
6.5 h
min. 1394.4 ft
max. 2424.5 ft
70 °F
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