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In the spacious outdoor area of Weser Spa Bad Karlshafen, you enjoy a saltwater pool (containing 12% of brine), with both massage beds and massage showers as well...
9 Pools
9 Saunas
1 Day €22
3 h €18
5 h €20
72 °F
One of the largest and most significant Christmas markets in Germany can be found in the heart of the country, in Frankfurt am Main . It is set up in front of the historical scenery of...
75 °F
MMK - Museum of Modern Art is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is one of the world's most important museums of Modern Art. Although it is still a...
Adult €16
75 °F
Sababurg Palace rises above the zoo of the same name in the middle of the Reinhard forest. The almost 700-year-old castle houses a romantic hotel, a restaurant, a café, and even a...
57 °F
Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is the first national park in Hesse, and comprises 5,738 hectares. It gets its name from the southern part of the Keller mountain crest. Protecting the...
70 °F
The Mathematikum Gießen is the world's first mathematics interactive museum. Since its opening in November 2002, 150,000 visitors a year have...
Adult €9
Sen. €6
54 °F
The history of Weilburg is marked by the time as a baroque residential town on the one hand and by mining on the other. This is also documented by the...
Adult €3.50
59 °F
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