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German Hygiene Museum in Dresden

German Hygiene Museum in Dresden
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The permanent exhibition at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum revolves around the theme of "The Human Adventure".
© Oliver Killig The permanent exhibition at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum revolves around the theme of "The Human Adventure".

The German Hygiene Museum in Dresden is a unique museum among the museums in Europe. The museum is a place that connects science, culture, and education. Since its founding in 1912, it has become one of the most prestigious institutions for science communication and health education. With a fascinating blend of interactive exhibitions, scientific lectures, and cultural events, the museum has secured a firm place in the heart of the city.


In addition to the popular science permanent exhibition "Human Adventure" featuring the Glass Woman and the interactive Children's Museum "World of Senses," you can also expect elaborately staged changing special exhibitions on current societal topics such as climate change, nutrition, and technology.

"Human Adventure" presents numerous objects from the extensive collection of the museum, such as valuable wax moulages, anatomical models, and specimens, as well as body and cultural-historical exhibits from various specialized collection areas. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits that provide them with a unique insight into the structure of the human body. From anatomical models to interactive games, the exhibition offers an entertaining and educational experience for people of all ages.

The special exhibitions, on the other hand, deal with a broad spectrum of current and historical issues ranging from happiness and passion to death, sports, dance, climate, language, or shame. These exhibitions encourage contemplation and invite you to engage with the challenges of our time.

Guided Tours/Workshops

The museum offers a wide range of educational programs for children, teenagers, and adults. School classes can explore the museum through special guided tours and participate in interactive workshops.


In addition to the exhibitions, the German Hygiene Museum also hosts a variety of cultural events. Concerts, theater performances, film screenings, and lectures take place regularly. These events create a unique connection between science, art, and society.

Historical Information

The founder: Karl August Lingner
© Deutsches Hygiene-Museum The founder: Karl August Lingner

The German Hygiene Museum, founded in 1912, traces back to an initiative by the Dresden industrialist and Odol manufacturer Karl August Lingner. He had contributed to the I. International Hygiene Exhibitionin 1911. Using state-of-the-art techniques and unprecedented clarity, knowledge about human anatomy as well as questions of healthcare and nutrition were conveyed. The museum moved into the building designed by Wilhelm Kreis for the II. Exhibition in 1930, where it is still located today. The original museum was destroyed during World War II but was rebuilt and expanded in the 1950s.

Interesting facts

How to get there

The German Hygiene Museum is situated in the Old Town of Dresden. You can easily reach it by public transport to Dresden Main Station. From there, you can take the bus to the stop "Großer Garten / Deutsches Hygienemuseum" and walk the last hundred meters on foot (5 minutes). It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the main station to the museum.


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Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
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