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Sights and Landmarks in Asia

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What's the best way of getting an overview of a multimillion inhabitant city like Shanghai? From the top of course! Seen from Shanghai Tower 's 561 metres...
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Burj Khalifa, called Burj Dubai until its construction, is 2,717 feet high, making it the world's  highest building above Tokyo...
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Landmark, mausoleum, Wonder of the World, symbol of undying love - the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, has many different meanings. It was built in the 17th...
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Church, mosque, museum - on its way to one of Istanbul's most important landmarks , Hagia Sophia has played a number of different roles. Today it is one...
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When visiting Russia's capital, the Kremlin is certainly among the must-see places. The oldest and most prominent part of Moscow used to be the tsars'...
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The Great Wall of China stretches through nine different provinces, extending more than 21,000 kilometres from China's northwest to its east coast. The ancient fortification winds...
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The peak of Tokyo Skytree looms more than 630 metres into the sky over the Japanese capital. It is the world's highest television tower and the second...
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Tiled Beauty, Palace of Rose Garden – the many names of Golestan Palace in Tehran alone bear witness to its splendour. If you're traveling to the Iranian...
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Cave City Vardzia is located in the south of Georgia, and is considered one of the country's main attractions. Originally built to be a border fortress,...
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Modelled after the famous French world expo construction, Tokyo Tower is to Tokyo what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is one of the Japanese capital's...
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The 5 most popular Sights and Landmarks in Asia

1.Shanghai Tower
2.Burj Khalifa Dubai
3.Taj Mahal
4.Hagia Sophia Istanbul
5.Moscow Kremlin
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Sights and Landmarks in Asia

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