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Voglsam theme park Schönau

Voglsam theme park
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The bob run is 600 metres long.
© Florian Weis The bob run is 600 metres long.

Erlebnispark Voglsam is a theme park located in the quiet village of Schönau in the picturesque lower Bavarian Rottal-Inn region, not far from Passau, Eggenfelden and Pfarrkirchen. You may have a “double take” in the car park, as visitors are free to simply walk into this theme park. The entire park is, in fact, open to the public and there are therefore no queues or waiting periods. No admission fee is charged here as in most theme parks, and visitors are instead asked to pay for the attractions individually – of which there are certainly lots to choose from. Amusements here include football golf, go-carts and a sizeable climbing garden. In other words, there’s plenty here for young and old alike. 

Large play area

The park is home to a vast play area for youngsters with covered sandpits, slides, a blow-up bouncy castle and several trampolines. The best bit – kids can use all of these attractions free of charge. The same applies for the many animal enclosures, petting zoo and adventure playground within the park’s boundaries.

Wheeled fun on the bob sled run and go-cart track

If you prefer your action a little more white-knuckle, the Erlebnispark Voglsam also has you covered. The Wiegand electric bob sled run is great for both young and old alike. The run is some 600 metres long and incorporates a number of great highlights along its course, including two 360° bends and steep curves. The bob sled reaches up to 40 km/h in some sections and can also be enjoyed by three to eight year olds accompanied by adults.

The carting track takes the speed up another notch, with carts available in three different engine categories. Even kids aged just six and over are able to take to the 600-metre course in the smallest engine category. It goes without saying that helmets and hoods are provided. 

Golf – three different ways

Erlebnispark Voglsam is also home to three very special golf courses. The most unusual is surely the football golf course, where the rules are the same as in conventional golf – whoever requires the fewest shots to get the ball in the hole wins. Be warned, though, that the course demands some stamina, as the 18 holes each measure between 40 and 150 metres. The farmer’s gold course offers visitors the chance to play golf without all the etiquette and complicated rules usually associated with this venerable old game. This version of golf is child’s play to learn as it uses larger clubs and softer balls. Obstacles along the course include old disused agricultural equipment. Last but not least, there’s also an 18-hole adventure mini-golf course to enjoy. You can rent all the equipment, such as balls and clubs, at the park.

Taking to the air

And if that still isn’t enough action for you, then head over to the ropes and bars of the climbing garden. There are no less than nine different routes with a total length of 1.2 kilometres to enjoy here. At a height of between one and twelve metres off the ground, there are 67 stations of varying difficulties to explore. The nearby Flying Fox is also great fun, allowing you to zip down into the valley along a 150-metre steel cable. The Bambini obstacle course even allows kids aged between three and five to get in on the action.

There’s also a snack bar with a beer garden to ensure that visitors don’t get hungry any time soon. However, you may be better advised bringing a packed lunch with you or something to throw on the barbeque – there are a number of free barbeque stations with fixed grill spaces and covered seating for up to 30 people scattered throughout Erlebnispark Voglsam. We recommend reserving these in advance. If you want to spend the night, you can do so in a treehouse.


How to get there

Disco boats at Voglsam
© Florian Weis Disco boats at Voglsam

Erlebnispark Voglsam is some distance from major transport routes and motorways. Coming from the west from Landau or Eggenfelden, take the B20 and exit at Schönau. If you’re travelling via the A92, take the same route on the B20. From Passau, take the B8 and then head for Aldersbach from Vilshofen. The theme park is then quickly and easily reached via Johanniskirchen.


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Erlebnispark Voglsam
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