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Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral
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Regensburg Cathedral
CC BY-SA 3.0   © S. Fischer - Eigenes Werk Regensburg Cathedral

Easily discernible from afar, Regensburg St. Peter Cathedral marks the centre of the city's old town. The Gothic architecture of the sacral building is perceptible from an exterior view as much as from inside of the cathedral. Richly ornamented facades with typical pointed arch windows, various iconographic statues, demon masks and a sundial are impressive even at first sight.

When you look closely at the precious ornamentation of the cathedral, the first thing that is striking are the five Gothic ciborium altars and the splendid silver high altar, which was built in the period between 1695 and 1785. One thing that Regensburg Cathedral cannot be imagined without is, of course, the world famous 'Regensburger Domspatzen' choir. With their choral chanting, the boys harmoniously complement a Holy Mass and all other festivals of the liturgical year on the highest musical level imaginable.

Visiting the Cathedral

If you want to learn more about Regensburg Cathedral, you may join a public tour where you get shown around the cathedral, the bishops' burial ground and the otherwise closed cathedral cloister including St. Stephen's and All Saints' chapel.

Upon prior reservation, guided tours for groups are also available. 

Historical Information

St. Peter's Cathedral is the spiritual centre of the Regensburg diocese and has primarily been a place of creed and prayers since the 16th century.

There were many attempts to build sacral buildings on the spot the Regensburg Cathedral is situated on today. In 1260, the construction work started and continued until 1520, the year the cathedral was finally finished. From 1859 to 1872, extensions to the main cathedral building were added (steeple tops and transept pediment) before a final renovation period was initiated, lasting from 1985 to 1988 and putting the finishing touches to the glorious appearance of this beautiful cathedral.

Hence its name, the cathedral's patron saint happens to be St. Peter who many sculptures and images in the church nave are modelled on. In the Roman Catholic belief, he is seen as the direct link to the Pope in Rome, as he is, strictly speaking, the successor of St. Peter and the entire universal church.  

How to get there

Public transportation

The Regensburg bus network is well developed. The central station is less than 100 m (109 yd) away from the central bus station. Buses depart every few minutes, leaving for the city centre. Line A takes you directly to 'Domplatz', the cathedral square.

On foot

As Regensburg has one of the most picturesque old towns in Bavaria just a few minutes away from the central station, why not take the opportunity and have a stroll through the magnificent old alleys of this architectural gem by the Danube. And don't worry, you cannot possibly get lost looking for the cathedral. Wherever you are in town, you can hardly miss the tops of the steeples as they stick out like a sore thumb. 

By car

If you like to travel here by car, it is recommended to leave it on the edge of the old town as car parks are difficult to find on-site. Usually, there are car parks and parking garages within the range of max.15 minutes walking distance, allowing a stress-reduced parking. The best car parks are available at parking garage 'Dachauplatz', 'Petersweg', or the car park near 'Donaumarkt'. 


Bischöfliches Ordinariat Regensburg
Niedermünstergasse 1
Phone+49 (0) 941 597 - 01
Fax+49 (0) 941 597-1055
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