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Drachenstich Festival in Furth im Wald

Drachenstich Festival in Furth im Wald
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last update on Aug 3, 2023
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The dragon gives fire to the people.
© Andreas Mühlbauer The dragon gives fire to the people.

Every year, the "Further Drachenstich", the oldest folk play in Germany, attracts thousands of enthusiasts to the Bavarian-Czech border town in August.

Spectators can expect an elaborate production full of drama and mysticism in the arena on the Further town square. In 12 festival performances with 350 amateur actors in the heart of the town, a journey back in time to the Middle Ages begins. The festivities surrounding the folk play are accompanied by a large historical pageant, a historical children's festival, the "Cave Gladium", a medieval camp life with market and a Bavarian folk festival with amusement park.

Outside the festival, you can visit "Tradinno", the world's largest walking robot (with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records), from April to October in its dragon cave on the festival square. On a tour of the dragon cave you will find information about the history of dragons in Furth im Wald, the festival as well as the technology of the dragon.

During the "Moving Dragon" guided tours (dates at you can experience Tradinno live and in full action as he strides towards the cave visitors breathing fire.

Historical Information

The knight slays the dragon.
© Andreas Mühlbauer The knight slays the dragon.

The "Lindwurm" has been slayed in Furth im Wald since "time immemorial". The first reference to this ancient custom can be found in the Further council book from 1590. How far back the tradition of slaying the dragon goes from there into the past can probably never be determined. Too many old records have been lost to the flames over the centuries on the constantly disputed Bavarian-Bohemian border. And so the people of Furth proudly look back on a tradition that can probably be quantified as at least 500 years. This makes the Drachenstich the oldest festival in Germany - and probably in Europe!

How to get there

The Drachenstich Festival takes place on the town square. This is 10 minutes away from the train station.


Further Drache Tradinno - Biggest... | 02:28
Der Drachenstich
Deutschlands ältestes Volksschauspiel mit dem größten...


Drachenstich-Festspiele e.V.
Stadtplatz 4
Furth im Wald
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